Over-Dyeing Discharged …

I had quite the fabric adventure today – and no I didn’t do retail therapy either .. rather creative colour changing therapy .. heheh ..

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I’m gearing up to convert a pattern I wrote years ago into a mystery for OSTs October Sew-in. Well I’m doing a Hallowe’en theme (altho you can use anything thing you want to) for this quilt and I couldn’t find my medium colour that would make me happy .. I WANTED orange, but couldn’t find the one i wanted when i was out .. so I got this inspiration that you can add red to yellow to make orange .. well golly gee ..I got red fabric dye 😀 .. You guessed it .. I wanted to over-dye this fabric to have a more reddish tint to and so it wouldn’t be so BRIGHT, but more red and muted – So overdyeing was my option 😀

Now this fabric is commercially dyed and the results weren’t predictable .. even after washing – you have no clue what’s going to happen .. but it is promised that you will get interesting results .. that should have been my first clue .. why is everything I do such an adventure? LOL

Since I can do 8 oz of fabric with one tin of dye (I use Dylon Cold Water – no muss no fuss – for now), I went digging for more fabrics so that way I could get get different results just in case this didn’t work .. I had a really pale yellow, a brighter yellow, and the one pictured above .. twit for brains me, didn’t take pics of the other fabrics prior to dunking them in the red dye, so you just get the after pics. Well I put them in and left them alone for prescribed time, I was thinking that I should have done it shorter, but it’s been YEARS since I’ve done any dyeing so I just went with. I pull them out and still rinsing / wringing them until they come clear and i’m like .. there is a LOT of red in here … I hope that some of this comes out .. so I put it in the pre-soak cycle as my hands had had it an let it go, then washed them ..

I brought them upstairs still damp to take a look at them .. yup still wayyyy to red .. so I thought .. hmmm .. i could discharge them … and that worked pretty well, but it was SUPER fast the results that got .. good thing that I was ready with a sink full of cold water!! These two were just discharged, the one on the left is (or was) the pale yellow one .. and the one on the right still had wayy to much red in it for what i wanted .. so that left the other one .. and this was done with a 1 parts bleach to 5 parts water ratio .. maybe next time I’m discharging my OWN dyes, I should use a much weaker solution and maybe for over-dyeing, leave it in less time?? I have to do a wee bit of research on this ..

This one I opted to scrunch up and tie up for a discharge bath .. now i remembered how quick these other two went so I was ready for it .. good thing!! I dropped that thing and held it down and I could see that it was already bleaching out .. HOLYBIBLEBATMAN!!!!!!!! got it in the sink and untied before you could say “Bob’s your uncle .. “ It’s lighter than I wanted it to be, but it is still holding enough red and its not so bright anymore .. and it is actually just about perfect. I wanted it to be more a muted orange (which it is) but more red and maybe darker .. this is supposed to be the medium value and it could easily pass for the light in this case .. but I WANT orange for this .. There was a gorgeous one that Ruth sent me I posted in yesterday’s blog post, but the purple just wasn’t doing it this time .. yeah – I actually said that .. I must have banged my head or sucked in to many bleach fumes LOL

I did get my fabrics cut out for the top tho .. not done the borders yet as I’ve decided to redesign them from what I originally did .. (esh, can’t even leave my OWN patterns alone LOL) See how perfect that orange goes with this .. i wasn’t worried about the black, but my ‘focus’ fabric needed an orange so I thought . oh coo .. i gotta have an orange .. well it’s certainly made my day interesting to say the least .. hehehehehe .. and what FUN!!

I did manage to get my border pieces cut for my hopscotch quilt that I did for Ann’s summer mystery – nice little leaders n enders project while I’m walking myself thru the clues on this mystery ..

I’ll be moving all my lists and widgets over to this blog soon enough .. It’s only that I have to input all those links, and lists and and and and .. **sigh ..

But welcome to my new home 🙂


5 thoughts on “Over-Dyeing Discharged …

  1. I have wanted to do this forever! Maybe when I’m off work later this month I will try it. You inspire me with all you do.
    Thanks JudyK


  2. Gracie,
    Job well done!!
    Now when you do pink or purple let me know. Ill take the off color pieces …LOL
    Judi K


  3. Great post and lots of good information!
    I have been looking for the right shade of “terra cotta” this is a great idea…gotta get to the fabric paints/dyes and see what I can do!


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