Weekend Quilty Stuff

T here’s a few more quilty related things that I’ve done over the past 4 days .. and not all involve sewing 🙂

I’m converting one of the patterns I did years ago to a mystery for the October Sew-in on OST (One Stitch at a Time). I’ll be running this mystery for a week, with daily clues and the weekend can be used for catch up on the groups activities or just to deplete the UFO pile that is ever growing and breeding ..

I’m excited bout this but scared to pieces too LOL – it’s just a small wallhanging, but still : I have to convert the directions, and test it and pick out fabrics, and and and and LOL .. I know i’m going to have a blast with it .. just to get my nerve up and get it started .. I want to get that going in the next day so that it can be tested off list this weekend.

For other mystery lovers out there, there is a mystery pattern treasure hunt happening .. AniLee Creations hosts a mystery treasure hunt every two months. I tripped over this the other nite while trying to wind down from the hospital the first time. I read the FAQs and decided to try it .. boy was it fun! And it didn’t take so long to do either .. just hunt for the clues and click “register your clue” – what a blast! I love the pattern that I found and her way of doing this type of pattern is actually a great idea!! I can’t wait to try it, but will make it in a smaller size me thinks.

I’m a regular reader of Holly’s blog and if you comment she entered your name into her FatQuarter Friday. Well I won :O .. I was rather stunned as I don’t tend to win anything. Well the Friday I left for Bobcaygeon, she pulled my name. I emailed her my mailing address when I got back and this was waiting for me at the PO Box – so I was definitely needing to get there one way or the other. I was finally able to get to the PO Box to pick this and another package up yesterday and here’s the lovely FQ that I won and a bookmark that she had made .. Thank you so much Holly .. kisses to Andrew for me xoxoxoxox

Also waiting for me at the PO Box was a package from Ruth .. I had traded her some John Deere fabric and after back and forth I finally told her send whatever she wanted as my stash was depleted and I had no idea what I wanted .. she mentioned seasonal stuff and I went great idea .. i’ve not a lot of it and i would not normally buy it for myself unless I had to.

Well aren’t these fabrics darling?? There’s cmas kitties and hearts, cmas moose or is that meese??? Don’t you just LOVE the Hallowe’en fabric?? and of course it’s purple 😀 😀 😀 that’ll work just great for my mystery I think and talk about timely!!! Don’t you just love the froggies?? and that yellow floral is awesome .. I can see so many possibilities with all this fabric – Thank you Ruth – I just love them all ..

Fabric Related Books
I picked up a few books at the library and wanted to share them with you . I’ve not read them yet (been to blasted busy) but have read bits n pieces of them and I really do like the little bit that I’ve seen.

Art Quilt Workbook: Exercises & Techniques to Ignite Your Creativity – Part quiltmaking workbook, part business guide, Art Quilt Workbook shows how to take quilting in a creative new direction through art–then sell the quilts at craft fairs and other venues. Lessons and homework teach the basics of good design with simple step-by-step exercises, then encourage the reader to add personal touches with fabric collage, thread painting, innovative piecing, and photo imagery. A bonus guide to exhibiting and selling quilts reveals how to join arts and crafts exhibits and how to market handmade quilts. Develop the inner artist (and the inner business tycoon) with Art Quilt Workbook!

Quiltagami: The Art of Fabric Folding – It’s a thoroughly new textile art, an ingenious mix of quilting and origami! The animals, leaves, flowers, and figures created for centuries in Japan out of two- sided colored paper are reinterpreted in fabric relief–and the resulting quilt blocks can become exquisitely stitched items. Just follow these designs to create irresistibly tactile sculptural quiltagami pillows, blankets, ornaments, and more. Add bead and ribbon embellishments for even more detail. You’ll go wild for this original art form!

The Art of Fabric Collage: An Easy Introduction to Creative Sewing – Fabric collage is a new method of quilting that gives every sewer the ability to express personal creativity while learning innovative sewing techniques. In The Art of Fabric Collage, designer Rosemary Eichorn uses a friendly, personal approach to show how to move beyond traditional quilting into a fascinating area she herself pioneered.

Eichorn gives readers tips on experimenting with color, design, and fabric in creating their own distinctive fabric collages. Instructions are included for a variety of surface design techniques, from free-motion stitching and soft-edge applique to continuous-strip prairie points and intriguing closures. She shows step by step how to use fabric collage to create artful vests, jackets, quilts, wall hangings, and more. Advice on how to adapt garment patterns for a variety of figure-flattering styles and construction techniques is also included.


One thought on “Weekend Quilty Stuff

  1. I have the Art quilt book and really like it. The template looks great and the text size looks OK to me – my eyes are getting bad and I have trouble reading some sites but this look good.


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