Friday n Saturday stitchathon

S aturday and Sunday were spent in a quilting / stitching frenzy. I had a few projects that I wanted to get a move on with me starting to quilt my 1800 quilt. There was gran’s quilt that was a leader n ender project which even if the top wasn’t stitched, I wanted the blocks pieced, and I had an idea for a friend’s gift that had finally resolved itself in my mind ..

I did get gran’s quilt finally pieced and the blocks in a layout that I really like .. I thougth I “might” try a barn raising for her layout and it rather fell .. loudly, dustily and noisily .. but when the dust settled, I ended up with a layout that I rather do like! I’m calling this Barn raising path .. or some such thing. With the exception of moving a few blocks from one spot to another, this will be the final layout for her quilt. I’m likely to use the same border pattern that I developed for my top with Ann’s mystery pattern. Heh, this is an actual pic of the blocks on my design wall (read flannel tacked to wall) and taking the picture was quite the acrobatic feat on my part. I had to bend backwards over my test and at an angle to get it all in – I find that using the zoom in / zoom out feature on my camera makes the pictures fuzzy now, so I try not to resort to that unless it’s a distance pic and doesn’t really matter. So it’s up and has claimed space on my wall until I get can get to it. I’m not using a batting on this, but will line the back with a nice soft flannel as one thing that gran said to me during our visit up north, was that she hated the weight of quilts **gulp .. so this is a nice compromise for warmth and making her lap quilt.

During these 48 hours of my frenzy, I did a gift for my friend, while I’m not going to post pics of it yet (I will when she receives it), I can tell you about some of the things that I did. I had opted to do a collage type layout with printing on fabric and some freemotion quilting – everything went great until it came for the binding of it .. i had originally planned to use ribbons for a ‘hanger’ for it in each corner and then have the binding just over &#188″. I wanted to trim the batting right close to the stitching line and pink the top and backing edges. I used Sullivan’s on this and poly batting .. can anyone say peanut butter sandwich that is a week old?? that poly and the Sullivan’s rather joined to the backing and top and I couldn’t separate the top and the backing .. **pfft

So I thought – let me see if can do a satin stitch the edge with mum’s machine .. Yeah right .. That worked like crap on my test piece .. So then I thought of the serger .. It will go thru all layers no problem with no shifting .. So pulled it out and figure out how to adjust it so I had the tightest stitch .. (this was also mum’s machine) then I see a huge gordion knot of thread thru the leaders .. Aw crap .. So give up untangling it and just cut it .. God help me thread this thing!! Get it threaded .. Finally .. Am stitching away with one inch on the last side to do and BAM .. Needle breaks .. I’m like are you kidding me??? PFFT!!!! %$@%^#

Time passes

45 minutes later (if not longer) I finally get the blasted needle in and the bloody thing threaded – the whole time I’m like .. How do they expect you to do this crap!?!?!? If my 94 yo Gma can do it, then so can I .. I finally persevere wishing I had an extra hand .. Then it all went to hell in a handbasket .. Bloody hell .. Needless to say, I’ll be redoing this one .. This is not in giveable shape anymore ..

Sigh .. BUT I did learn a lot – I do either have to finally give in and get a walking foot for mum’s machine (slant shank and all mine are short shanks) or see if I can’t wait a bit longer to see if my machine is worthwhile fixing .. I miss my machine ..

So threw my paws in the air and then watched football and had a snooze for bit on the couch between afternoon and evening games ..


One thought on “Friday n Saturday stitchathon

  1. LOL. I am so sorry you struggled so much with the quilt. Sounds like something I would do. I wanted you to know that I forwarded a link to this page to one of my knitting groups so they could chuckle along as well. Expect alot of traffic Tee Hee Hee. Love youse.. JoyB


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