Death by borders …

I have bordered myself to DEATH! No more .. i just canNOT stand it anymore ..

Today & tonight, I’ve put 12 border strips on the 1800 quilt, and then 8 more on Carmen’s mystery … her quilt calls for 1 more outer border .. and I just do NOT think that I can do it :\ heh .. to take a break from it, I squared up 40 HST units .. so you know it was bad at that point.

But I did get the border strips on my 1800 quilt .. in the picture above that’s 2 of the top 3 sections .. the far right and the middle. This is going to be awesome when together. I had a nice scare earlier .. I really wanted to use the black paisley for the border and binding .. good thing I did the math first (altho in the long run, it didn’t mean anything … ) and i realized I would not be able to do both .. so I fussed and fidged and did my darnedest to get that paisley in .. i could have done, but really didn’t want a 1″ border unfinished .. that would have been a skinny little thing that would be useless on this size quilt .. so I started to dig .. (I do that a lot don’t I??) Found some light material – but naw .. I knew I didn’t want that, I really didn’t want to use the brown with the darker brown vines in it .. it’s nice .. but not what I wanted .. it’s not dark enough .. then I remembered my yard sale find 🙂 .. it’s a nice dark green with red (colours that are in the quilt already) and with only &#188″ showing, it wouldn’t be a HUGE stand out .. so that made me happy there that I had a solution that I was happy with 🙂

I finally got a chance to get back to my ’97 swap quilt that I want to repair .. I’ve opted to have that as my hand work while watching TV and with football season starting yesterday, I get to work on it .. it took me an hour to pick out that one ooboo’d spot and then some more places, and cut out the old batting etc, etc, etc .. I was still finding bits n pieces of that cheap 36″ muslin and it was just shredding like crazy as I was picking at it .. I’ve decided since I’m doing handwork, to just quilt it in as I fix it … one fell swoop .. all the patches that need to be replaced are white and I am old school and press to dark so they would be flat under the seams anyways .. so I’m just slipping them in, pinning the buggers down and stitching away .. I’ll likely get this done before footballs season ends, but i’m sure I’ll have a TON of things to hand sew soon enough. I did have a spot (where the pin is – see the blue dot??) where I didn’t get all the cheapy muslin out and I let it goof me when I putting in the patches .. so i’ll be prolly tucking that under or smucking it down .. not sure .. I really don’t feel like picking that whole patch apart, but if I have to, I have to ..

I’ll be starting to quilt my 1800 quilt today I hope .. I’ve picked out my motifs, adjusted them for my block size, all I have to do is print them out and then layer up the sections .. I’ll prolly pin these or use basting spray as they are a whole quilt just 33&#189″ sections.


4 thoughts on “Death by borders …

  1. Hey sweetie. I know what ya mean about being Bordered To Death. Been there, done that!! LOL It sure is looking good so far and hope you are having fun with Carmen’s mystery. I am signed up for a mytery quilt retreat next month and I am really looking forward to doing some just quilting time. Hugs. JoyB


  2. Grace it looks great ~ you will just have to just push past those borders & see what new horizens await you beyond them…haha!!


  3. That’s a lot of borders – not my favorite thing to do and lots of times, I’ll make scrap quilts without them.


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