Sections – Onward …

E arlier tonite I was standing at my ironing board with a rather stunned look on my face .. and my mind was blank .. I’m thinking to myself .. that’s it??? They’re done?? … oh my … i had actually gotten all the sections of the 1800 quilt together – you could have heard a feather hit the carpeting! Then a HUGE grin spreads across my face .. borders .. all I needs to do is BORDERS!!!!!!!

Then I started to think .. (you so know that is NEVER a good thing with me) maybe I should do more dramatic type quilting for this .. I remember seeing all the beautiful handwork on the quilts I viewed online and in books ..

Sometime later …

Hours pass and nothing hits me a “right”, then it rather dawns on me .. those were on whole cloth quilts, applique, on-point or sashed quilts .. pfft .. bah .. So I head off to the quilt index to see what I can see .. What I saw was allover quilting, echo quilting and you ready for this – outline / ditch quilting .. so here I was searching for hours for the perfect motif and I already had it .. bah

BUT – I did find a site with some wonderful free motifs – Forest Quilting and she has 2 there that have definitely given me ideas for the larger blank spaces .. the points on my larger center Ohio Star, and the Double X Star in each corner .. I’m thinking of using the Cornice Motif or the Dreamy Motif in those larger blank spots (page 6) .. the Cornice motif appeals to me because it’s middle is a circle and that will surround the sisters block and not interfer with it .. I’m not going to do allover quilting as this is quilt as you go and how much do you want to bet, the blasted lines will NOT line up .. I am sooo not gonna go there .. not in a million years .. so .. basic ditch / outline quilting it is .. no muss no fuss .. but for the corners and the middle 😀 😀 😀

I want to do leaves or vines in the borders so I rather need them to be wide enough so the design doesn’t get totally lost .. i’m thinking maybe 3″ border .. I’ve not measured the fabric again so I’m not sure what there is .. worse case senario; 2″ with meander / loopy quilting ..

So tomorrow, borders cut, do my first sandwich and quilting foot away 😀


2 thoughts on “Sections – Onward …

  1. I love to read your musings on the border and quilting issues.
    I have a little mini bear paw quilt half quilted because I need to do “something” in the two blank spots and for about 3 years now it just sits! LOL
    And as for borders…the more the merrier LOLOLOL
    Or at least until the quilt is the “right” size!


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