Day after … blahs maybe??

Still on the terror-list .. bah

W ith getting the laundry done while up north, there wasn’t a whole mess of vacation ‘clean-up’ to do but put things away (done in fits in bursts thru the day) and go shopping .. Good thing as I am just flat out exhausted .. I’m thinking that this is due to overexposure to the sun 2 days last week .. once was when the boat died on us and the other was driving home (6 hours of sunlight on my arm) Both times I broke out in hives / blisters on my arms, hands (legs for the one on the boat) and while they don’t really hurt or itch, I am aware of them and I was totally whacked out both times .. I even took a nap today and I don’t ever do that!! This isn’t the best picture (I’m right handed and so’s my camera) but you can see the blisters / hives on my arm .. specially that big one ..

Reg thinks that I might be allergic to the sun as his mum gets this when she’s out for too long – Carmen suggested that i have sun poisoning .. oh great .. I’m already susceptible to heat stroke .. I’ve not noticed this before as I usually don’t spend a lot of time in the sun due to heat stroke danger … mostly a few hours in the afternoon – but I’ll get that checked out tomorrow maybe …

I mentioned yesterday that I picked up some doilies while I was in Fenellon Falls at a flea market there .. heh .. you should have seen the one in Bobcaygeon .. it was like walking into a junk closet .. there’s a sign at the door that even said – “this isn’t a museum – this junk’s for sale” LOL Gotta love it .. but at any rate .. I got these for $1 each, but the 3 small ones were $1 in total .. so with tax $4.52 .. not to bad me thinks 😀 I could make these myself, but I would have to get the crochet cotton and then spend the time doing them (!) This is better for me .. quicker AND likely cheaper too! Some of these patterns might be too tight to be really effective for the discharge dyeing, but they all have open areas to use .. if not, I can actually use them for what they were made for .. heh .. fancy that piece of work!

I did get some handwork done while watching TV at nite .. with the fullness of our days, and no puter – I spent most of the day outside doing this and that – so at nite after supper, we would watch the Olympics and I would quilt .. I got quite a bit done considering I might have put 12 hrs in total on this .. one thing my stitches were way to small at first so I had to really concentrate on making them longer .. I like the look of the longer stitches .. You might not be able to see it, but I am using a peachy pink thread for this and the fabric is tea-dyed muslin – I think that it’s going to look quite nice when / (IF) it ever gets finished 😉

While I was gone, 2 packages showed up .. 1 I was waiting for, the other was a total surprise. Cheryl from one of my lists gave up tring to sell some flannel and just wanted us to pay for postage (Thank you again Cheryl!!) .. and with me wanting to use flannel for the 1800 quilt, this was just perfect. (I still have the Ohio Star blocks to do on this one) It is so soft an d pretty, it almost seems a crime to use it as batting ..

IF .. operative word here is “IF” my math is right, I should have just about enough to do our quilt .. I might have to buy &#188 yard of it, but need to get some flannel to do Gran’s quilt – she doesn’t like the heaviness of quilts, so I need to make her’s as light as possible weightwise.

The unexpected one was from Darlene .. This picture doesn’t even come close to doing this FQ justice .. it’s a nice medium deep red with darker swirls on it .. I’m low on reds so this is just perfect timing for me 😀 I just think that is perfectly cute! I LOVE it .. Thank you again Darlene!!

So other than reading list mail and finishing my emails, I didn’t do anything else quilt related .. just too bloody tired today … maybe tomorrow I will have more energy .. I do NOT like feeling this .. blah .. I’d better feel better tomorrow .. I have some running around to do and with being a one car family, I get to use 2 wheels :S


2 thoughts on “Day after … blahs maybe??

  1. HI I am Cathie in Ut from Quilt talk email group and just wanted to say “hi”!
    Your get away looks so nice and Orion says it all in that last picture! LOL
    Discharging with those doilies sounds very interesting. I have done some discharge and would love to see how you do it!
    Bye the way I have family that came from Ontario Prov and would love to visit one day and meet some distant family!


  2. I get sun hives and I think you got them. Mine always itch. My doctor recommends taking benedryl to help the itching.


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