Chasing my tail .. what to do???

W ell I wanted fru fru .. I got fru fru 😀 😀 .. I hopped on my bike (almost 6 miles one way :O) and rode to Walmart to take advantage of the 50% off sale. I went by myself so I wouldn’t feel pressured about keeping ppl waiting .. I ended up leaving around 1:15pm or so and got home at 4pm .. just like I told Kyle .. hehe .. I locked him out of the house so he would be OUTSIDE .. what is it with kids nowadays .. they allergic to fresh air??!?!! esh!!

I ended up getting 13.84 yards of various ribbon, sequins, beads, shiny stuff, (fru fru) for $13.61 – not to bad me thinks .. granted some of the pieces are just &#188 yard cuts, but those were also regular $5 or so .. I also grabbed another 3 yards of tulle … granted this is red, but at 89&#162 how can you beat that?? I also picked up a yard of this fabric too .. Judi had asked if they had purple and a few other things – well they did have this one purple, so I grabbed it on the off chance she would want some .. this purple almost was the background on my kitty quilt . but I wanted a softer more muted purple as the kitties are the stars of that quilt.

While there I also grabbed 2 boxes of 24 count Crayola crayons .. I got 2 boxes because they were 82&#162 a box .. that’s $1.00 off .. you can’t beat that! I checked out their craft section and there wasn’t any really neat sales going on .. altho they did have embroidery floss on sale there.. but it wasn’t much off .. hind-sight says I should have grabbed some metallic ones .. oh well .. next time if there is any left.

Today was wayyy cool for me .. my dad went to the PO Box and there was a package from Mary containing 10 pieces of pre-cut 4×6″ peltex for fabric postcards! Thank you Mary! I’ve not found it yet here, so that would be a Detroit trip for me.

I’ve another idea for my impressionist abstract .. Near here we have Point Pelee National park and the southwest beach has little dunes with long grass growing on it .. I’m thinking of taking that image in my head and seeing what I can do with it .. I didn’t see any green lame today (and i was looking for just this reason) for the grass blades, but I can use some green fabric or even do some crayon work .. and do the beach (I have some brown that would be really perfect for this) and maybe the same blue that I used for the sky for the water .. we’ll have to see .. as it’s really blue and it’s more blue green on Lake Erie here ..

So I chasing my tail here .. I want to do a postcard, I want to do some crayon work, I want to finish the first abstract, I want to get started on the second abstract .. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK oh and tomorrow AM the Nickel Mystery starts .. Good thing my fabric was cut last week! 🙂

Okay .. I’m off to chase my tail some more and see what I decide to do … prolly some crayon work .. that would be the quickest I think .. heh .. famous last words LMAO!!!!!!


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