Locked myself in ..

Today I squirreled myself away in my sewing room and worked on the wc more until i was happier with it – got it to the point where it was pretty good, then started to change things .. made it more central single flower, and other smaller flowers scattered in the background – that’s the part i’m working on and also getting the central flower more ‘there’ .. it’s close, but not there yet. I need to take out the ‘string’ of background flowers that was originally there and develop smaller darker clusters of flowers .. I have maybe 3 of them just so .. I’m not sure about the inner border just at the edges now .. will have to think about that one some more ..

Well the sister’s block’s are finall done – all I have left is the 8 Ohio Star blocks, then I start to put the sections together and quilt (!) .. WOW! I have flannel on the way for the batting, have decided to just do a narrow strip (2&#189″) for the one border and that will be it. Of course there’s still the back stitching by hand when I have these sections together – but it will be a LOT better than trying to manhandle this beast in my 15-91 – I love this machine, but this quilt’s a LOT bigger than we are 😉

I’m hoping tomorrow to get the Ohio Star blocks cut out and start to stitch, but I’ve a few things to do and might not get the chance .. I’m really hoping .. would hate to resort to locking myself in my sewing room again 😉 Altho I rather do like it in here!


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