Stolen Time …

Shhhh – Don’t tell anyone I made it in here 😉 I managed to grab a few hours in here tonite to finally lay out the other half of this wc from the greyscale picture. it’s not done, but a lot better starting point than the first version – it’s not done by any stretch of the imagination, but there is a pulse there now 🙂 And instead of jumping from one spot to the next, I can see a place where I need to move a few things around .. so the greyscale image was the way to go ..

I think what I need to stop doing is comparing this to my colour image .. that’s just messing me up .. yes pick the part I want to really stand out as the flower, but the rest can just be supporting characters in the background ..

I do like this version MUCH better and feel more confident with this one.

Tomorrow – I’m going to try and spend some daylight hours in here .. move a few pieces around and maybe finish the last 4 sisters blocks 🙂


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