Modern-ish Twist

Yesterday I was busy! I started out the day with an itch to do another watercolour 😀 So I surfed the net and found this pic .. I thought it would be a nice wc when I got it done .. so I dived into my wc stash and found some nice pinks, reds, greens and colours between and started to sort and cut.

What I thought would look really neat, is putting a border just inside the edges of the picture. I’ll do this either black, dark green dark blue or whatever dark colour I have kicking around. I’ve been putting squares up and down off this thing most of the afternoon .. I’m close, but not quite there yet .. I can almost see the flowers in this .. there are a few spots that are giving me issues, but it’s just a matter of finding the right square to put there .. I do love working this medium and do have a lot of fun with it. I will quilt the flower to hopefully make it stand out more. I am struggling in a few places with this, but it’s not going to perfect overnight .. this one is just going to have to be picked at off and on for a bit until it IS right .. because right now it’s not.

I also picked up a book yesterday (Thank you Daddy!!) I’m interested in doing some abstract work – small little quiltlets, but I have NO idea what on God’s green earth I am doing .. soooooo I needed a book that explained some of the techniques and tools used for this medium .. the magazine that my dad picked me up seemed to be more for more experienced fibre artists – i’m a pure rookie and well needed a abstract quilts for dummies 😀 They didn’t have that, but what they did have was fabric art workshop by Susan Stein. She shows you how to do 27 different techniques and from reading them these are actually pretty simple .. I am much more confident now with trying this medium. This book is great and I’m going to have a blast with it!

I was rather disappointed in the bookstore we went to .. granted Windsor’s not a HUGE city or metropolis, but our Chapters here is pretty big .. their section on quilting was a piddly 2 stacks – and these are the short stacks too .. I was taller than them! This book was the only one like it in the store. bah!


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