Do You Believe in the Fabric Fairy??

This was a full long day. Full of good things (surprises) and frustrating things (previous post) – but it was a busy day πŸ™‚ .. Can’t complain about days that are full of ‘life’.

I had been taking breaks while sewing up the set of the sisters blocks and was checking email .. I suddenly hear this sound scrap swishy (?!?) I’m like what the devil is that .. I looked under my cutting table in case Shadow was into something again – (She was keeping me company today and had been checking out all sorts of things), but saw her looking under the dresser where I put my fabric .. I sit here and just watch her taking swipes at the cutting mat that I put under there to keep it out of the way .. You’d think it was a critter than she had never seen before and kept taking swipes at it LOL – I was actually surprised she didn’t hiss at .. I would have totally lost it then – She has the the sweetest most delicate little hiss . I call her Princess Hiss .. Poor Baby .. (this was actually an action shot of her swiping it). Needless to say .. she did NOT like it one bit and after 5 minutes of taking swipes at it she got bored and walked away .. tail flicking like mad LOL

My dad stopped by as well today .. he and Kyle went to my aunt’s while they were galavanting across the creek in Detroit yesterday and she sent a care package of fabric for me .. I was just saying something about the fabric fairy and voila! FABRIC πŸ˜€ .. It’s some really nice stuff too .. and there’s even a reproduction print in there – yeah me!! Also on one of my lists, another lady had some flannel that she wasn’t going to use at all and gave up on selling it .. well she posted to the list that she had this and all we had to pay for was the postage .. again the fabric fairy heard me πŸ˜€ .. I was just saying that I’m getting to the point where I need to do something about finding some flannel for my 1800s quilt as I’m going to use that for batting. And here it is .. this is the only way I could get this flannel too .. The fabric fairy DOES exist!!

Later I opted to not cut the pieces out for the last 8 sisters blocks .. on another list I’m on, there is a summer mystery that starts on August 9th and I hadn’t picked out my fabric yet. So I spent this afternoon doing that and later on I cut out all the 5″ squares that are needed for this. This is going to be my first mystery and I’m pretty excited about it .. August 9th is still ohhh so very far away! But the fabrics are cut out, put in baggies to keep my velvet paw (shown above) from wandering off with my squares. Oh speaking of the velvet paw .. she’s back and peering under the dresser again LMAO!!!!

So this was a busy and very good day! Kyle found my missing box of goodies; the fabric fairy blessed me twice; I got the tricky set of Sisters blocks done; picked out my fabric and cut it for the mystery; and got the basement cleaned up

Welp it’s late (not as late as normal for me), and I’ve been up since 5am and it’s almost 2am .. I’m whacked and heading to bed πŸ™‚

Tomorrow .. the other 8 sisters and maybe the Ohio Star blocks πŸ˜€ wow this is getting close – *kittyhappydance*


One thought on “Do You Believe in the Fabric Fairy??

  1. Glad that you had so many good things happen today. You deserve some great things to happen for a bit. I have been knitting dishcloths and fighting my severe depression for a bit now. I gave up on my knitting and decided it was time to do some quilting. It is nice to go back to something I am actually good at. LOL
    Scritches to Shadow and Pix from Auntie Joy.. Hugs. JoyB


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