I’m my own worst enemy somedays :S heh

You know, I just couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my rectangles in these sisters blocks were giving me so much grief .. my test block went off without a hitch .. so – I decided to get very extra steps .. with each star point that I did, I square up the pieces .. the squared pieces would be 4&#0190″ square, so i squared them up and then realized immediately, that my rectangles were cut for 25/8 x 45/8 – Oh Bloody HELL!! NO freeping wonder – AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH – **deep breath** Okay .. no big deal, sew my seam an 1/8″ shorter – well that worked .. my block laid flat – whew!

I discovered another issue while doing this .. with my ‘testing’ my sewing and doing the speed piecing method, I did those HSTs at a spot-on &#0188″ seam, well my math / directions etc called for a smidge less .. so my HSTs aren’t exactly 25/8″ when finished .. talk about being your own worst enemy. I’m going to end up with squished points on these stars, but some will be okay.

So these next 4 blocks with this blue, will be done VERY carefully .. but they will be a nice flat 11″ unfinished block 😀

Thank God I only have 8 more of these blocks to go after these 4 – the strips are cut out already so I can correct the rectangle for the next 8, and will do my smidge seam for the HSTs .. those blocks might actually be ‘perfect’ .. heh .. I certainly don’t have to worry about this quilt being perfect .. it’s well past that LOL

Good things do come 🙂

My son has been trying to get back into my good graces by doing some yuck work in the basement .. well in his workings yesterday he found a box that I’ve been crazy looking for – you know … the one that is listed in my projects to find?? The one with my dyes, green pigma pen, pooh bear stamps, handing quilting thread and all those betweens?? I asked him this morning to please keep his eyes open for a box that had this stuff in it .. wouldn’t you know, the little darling said, “Oh, I found that yesterday!” I dared not hope too hard – but he brings it up and voila! There’s my missing stuff .. the box wasn’t labelled so no wonder I couldn’t find the blasted thing!! But I have my fabric dyes again – oh and novelty buttons that I forgot I had .. altho, I thought I had more of them – He’s going to keeps his eyes open for other sewing related stuff .. this is just GREAT news!!!!


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