Moving along …

Today was productive 😀 Not HUGE productive, but definitely moving forward.

I finished the inner sisters blocks so those are all done now, and have cut the strips for the 16 outer blocks. I had 2, &#0189 yd pieces of blue that I really liked and wanted to use and happend to get lucky as these strips needed 16 7/8″ and I had 18″ of each 😉 **kittyhappydance**.

Please pray for no cutting mistakes .. because there is no room for error .. BUT if I do mess up, I have 2 other blues that will fit in nicely here .. matter of fact, if I didn’t have enough of the two blues, then I would have used this other 2 FQs as fillers – so it works out.

My adjustments worked for these blocks .. I did &#0188″ seams instead of my smidge less, and my blocks were just about spot-on! Heh .. only 16 more to go (!)

Since I just have these blocks and the 8 Ohio Stars to make, I’ve been starting to think about my borders .. I played with a few tonite and I really like a few of the 9 patch and 4 patch variations – but this border is only 2 &#0189″ wide .. so I think that either an alternating block border or just a strip would be better .. the quilt has it’s own personality and a pieced border isn’t going to be necessary ..

Now the other thing that I was thinking that since I am doing quilt as you go, then maybe i should just add my strip on when I put the pieces together .. this will just add the 2″ or so at the one side. And they should (hopefully) be square-ish when they are put together. Oh this quilt measures 100&#0189 x 100&#0189″, so a wide border will not be needed to finish it off – matter of fact, I think that it will pull away from the flow and design of the quilt top


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