Simple Works me thinks …

The more I think of it, the stronger I feel that the blocks that are needed should be more simplistic. The rest of the overall design is ‘busy’ enough .. not that it’s too busy .. but could very easily end up that way .. So Quilt-Pro was booted again .. I really need to update my software for this program …

I started plopping blocks in and again, it wasn’t simplistic enough .. would have been nice to be able to implement the 54-40 or Fight block, but ah well .. just to busy for this. So running through my mind are the easy blocks to do (heh .. I can live with that!!) I thought of the split 9 patch, double 9 patch (Irish chain), steps to the altar (that didn’t look good) and the Prairie Queen (patch variation).

None of these have the actual fabric scans in them, just used whatever was on ‘hand’ so to speak .. this was just a fishing expedition .. These will be made with all the greens and I think that I have some unbleached muslin kicking around that should work quite nicely .. if not, I’m sure I’ll figure something out :D. So far the top two pictured here (Double 9 patch, Prairie Queen) are appealing the most to me ..

So – I’ll let these sit for a day and see how they feel … I am going to go with a more simplistic block here .. the other blocks past this part are complex enough that I really don’t want to confuse everyone – including myself lol


One thought on “Simple Works me thinks …

  1. I think I like *A* best – the Chimney Sweep blocks look really interesting in this quilt but if I’m reading your post right you’ve decided to go with something else?


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