Decisions?? ya right .. pfft

Here I sit, staring at my puter screen – looking from one image to the other – and just not being able to make up my mind .. I like the first one .. then I don’t .. then the next one .. then I don’t .. **sigh** I just canNOT make up my mind .. it would prolly be easier if I did the test blocks first or did the math to see what one fits with what i have …

On a good note .. Since yesterday was my bday, I decided to ask my dad if he would buy me a book. He goes what book is that .. I replied with Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns .. We were just on the way home from going out to supper and were going past Chapters and pulled in .. did a quick search and none of the stores in windsor have that book .. grrr .. so when he heads to the states (preferably BEFORE his next day of work – Tuesday), he’ll grab it for me πŸ˜€ I sent him the link for it, and also there was a review about pages being repeated .. so also asked him to be sure that he wasn’t a victim of duplicate pages – it appears that one of the printings had an issue with that – one of the reviews on listed the pages that were duplicated and I sent that to him and suggested he print it out and bring it with him … I’m sooo hoping he goes tomorrow πŸ˜€ heh .. who knows .. i might find OTHER blocks to use instead πŸ˜€

I think I’m going to set up a poll and see what YOU think .. my decision process has totally stalled. :S

a b
c d


12 thoughts on “Decisions?? ya right .. pfft

  1. OK – here’s another fly in the ointment for you. For the “Washington Streets” blocks, how about reversing the colors, and the light – I seem to remember most quilts of that era using a simple light colored fabric for the “background” which would place the light in the very center and outside edges. Not that I’m a student of quilt history, but my grandmother’s tops almost all have a muslin/”bleached domestic” for the background because she saved the prints for the “starring roles” – although her’s were definitely 20th century quilts, most likely Depression Era. Just a thought. I actually like both versions A & B, but voted for D because the transition from the outer color to the Underground Railroad blocks seemed less jarring to my eyes. Sorry to run on and on… Maybe I should suggest, as people do with me, this is YOUR quilt – make what makes YOU happy!


  2. I’d eliminate b (the light “glares” at me and stands out); I lean to c or a, c a wee bit more. No historical input to offer, just eyeballing. Sometimes when all designs are about equal, I just put it aside awhile. And end up with something I’d never thought of in the original quandry.


  3. After putting in my vote for B I saw that the last poster wanted to eliminate that one so I decided to comment. What she sees as “glare” I see as more graphic. I happen to like more striking and graphic quilts but it is a different look and I have no idea about the historic part. I see C as the other end, with all the parts more integrated and nothing standing out much. I wouldn’t go for that one but it depends what kind of look you want.


  4. Grace, I’m a newbie but I like D the best. The light color in the siggie
    blocks seems to bring out the star better. IMHO
    Sherry in NC


  5. I like A best – the irish chain effect appeals to me for no discernible reason.

    Jeannette in CO


  6. Happy Birthday, Grace! I vote for B. You’re as bad as me when it comes to making decisions. πŸ™‚


  7. Grace,

    I would suggest that you make B and if it does not appeal to you I will be glad to take it off your hands and you can move on to another choice…… πŸ˜‰

    donna in la


  8. Grace…I think B is the one that draws the eye to the center of the quilt…I like the light areas around the centermost part.
    Marge Campbell


  9. (Shera hangs her head in shame). I had to ask my 7 year old daughter to show me the differences! I’m blind as a bat!

    Now that I finally see the difference, I like B.

    Jeepers. How embarrassing! But I had to add my two cents!



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