Watercolour Quickie

Taking a break from my 1800 quilt was the right thing to do .. I hate admitting ‘defeat’ even for a short while – but i know my limits and frustration level .. and I was definitely reaching it .. well the 1800 quilt is my first King size, so that is going to make a difference on where I thought I should be progress-wise .. but i’m ‘refreshed’ so to speak and have a completed project under my belt and I feel pretty darn good about it!!

I found this little darling at Whims, and it was a free watercolour pattern .. I have books here, but the smallest pattern in my book is like a 24 x 24 – this without borders was just over 9″ unfinished .. I figured it was the perfect little quick project to jump start my creative juices in a direction I’ve not gone in a long time.

I did much better with my fabric choices than i did with my first one; 1) My feel for colour has improved over time and I have learned to listen to myself; 2) I have a larger wc stash than I did 😀 Gotta love the net for swapping fabrics :D.

For the rose, I did the same ‘applique’ method that I used for reg’s quilt and learned something that should have dawned on me, (but I’ll forgive myself as I’ve only done this twice now) from now on, I’m going to reverse the pattern and do my machine applique on the BACK (or wrong side) of my fabric .. that way I won’t have the paper stuck in my stitching lines and showing – harumph .. ah well .. I guess i won’t be selling this one 😀

My border colour approach was different that I normally do – normally I have a narrow dark inner border, then a wider light outer border with a dark binding .. I reversed it this time and rather do like the affect ..

This is freemotion quilted with butterflies, flowers, hearts and meander quilting. Not bad for a two-day project. I had it all pieced and the first borders put on last nite – today i did the outer border, quilting, hanging sleeve andd binding. Oh and it finished up at 17 x 17″

No clue on a name .. I might call it the ‘no name rose’ as it is YELLOW lololol


2 thoughts on “Watercolour Quickie

  1. Grace, that is a delightful WC quilt and your borders compliment the rose so beautifully – well done!!
    I have not yet made a WC quilt so seeing yours might give me the inspiration to go for it ..
    Thank you for sharing.
    Sabdy in South Australia


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