Crippled Internet

I‘ve been totally beside myself without my internet .. amazing how much that becomes part of your day-to-day life .. been restless and prowling around bouncing off the walls … unable to settle long enough to work on anything for any length of time – I’ve driven myself to total distraction.

While my internet was gone, I took a vaca from my 1800 quilt – I was rather disgusted with myself for flipping that row around and also for the way the other block finished up.

I’m not sure what I thought I was doing / thinking (??), but my cuts on that one block were 1/8 – &#189″ larger than they needed to be :S .. bah .. so what this meant was, I needed to check and square up those HSTs :S – well it could be worse .. this could have been 12 blocks instead of the 5 blocks for the inner section. Actually they weren’t all that bad .. just the little bit that i normally leave extra to allow me ‘flubbing’ during sewing. My machine pulls a wee bit and I’ve found that cutting a smidge more gives me some leeway .. boty did I have lee way

I did manage to get them squared and my block ended up – are you ready for this 11 x 11&#189″ – bah .. so squaring that one up made things interesting .. I’m not going to have sharp points on part of that block, but I’m not sure I want to cut more pieces out .. I’m just going to be super careful doing the rest of the blocks πŸ˜€

I’ve two whole cloth quilts and I’m half entertaining the idea of basting them to do and have some hand work to do .. There’s a LOT of work to do there and I’m sure it’ll keep my busy for a LONG time. I have 2 kits by American Heritage Quilt Collection – a wallhanging; 40 x 40″ (left image – Victorian Garden), and a throw; 54 x 69″ (right image – Grape Wreath) .. what’s nice about these is that the top, backing and pre-cut bias are included and the quilting design is stamped, washes out in cold water .. so all i have to do is supply the batting, thread and the quilting πŸ™‚ When I got these, my plan was to use coloured thread, and i’m still going to use coloured .. just what colour and exactly how much thread to one of these use?? would hate to run out of thread while i’m doing and not being able to get close to the colour – we all know about dye lots :S

This looks much better in person – I’m still thinking i got wayyy to much brown .. but ah well – I’m sure I won’t be using brown for a while – a LONG WHILE ..

I would have preferred to do the star points in darker greens .. I just didn’t have any that were large enough without having to use 3 or 4 different colours – this quilt is going to be ‘colourful’ enough as it is πŸ™‚

I’ve managed to get the 5 sisters blocks done and my center section. πŸ™‚ I’m thinking the Double X blocks next .. πŸ™‚

No Internet To-do

  1. Center Section
  2. Fix upsdown section in Underground RR
  3. Double X’s Section
  4. start quilting kitty quilt
  5. baste wall hanging – maybe

WOOT WOOT .. i’m back … but bloody well crippled .. blasted dial-up GRRRRRRRRRRR


One thought on “Crippled Internet

  1. Ugh!! Poor Grace!! At least you have dial-up. If my internet goes, I have no backup (except maybe the public library). 😦

    Hang in there, and kudos to you for using the time to work on quilty stuff!



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