Sister; meet froggy .. Then things in gutters

I wish I knew what I did wrong here .. the only thing that would make sense is that my HSTs weren’t the right size .. I’ve not done a block like this since I was a rookie quilter

So needless to say, this one gets frogged, and the blocks trimmed down to the right size ..

Esh .. what a mess .. I did this last nite and was just to bloody tired to try and figure it out .. or even mess with it .. and totally disgusted with myself too ..

Got up today with a headache and went promptly back to sleep … then up again to clean out my gutters – well the weight and crap that had been up there bent the gutters down so that when it rained, i still have a waterfall coming down .. but at least the 3″ x 2″ hole that I covered with metal tape worked .. so up i go again tomorrow to try and bend the gutters back with pliers, a board and a hammer ..

Would you believe that I pulled out from the gutter

  • a shoe
  • 3 balls
  • patio torch
  • hose nozzle
  • monkey wrench
  • all in the one gutter .. esh!!!


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