Underground RR revisited, berries

You know what i just noticed .. I flipped a row on that last underground RR section .. (groan) .. that I have to take out .. no choice in the matter .. I was just looking at it and my fabrics last nite when I noticed it .. I’m like .. are you kidding me .. for crying out loud!!!! bah!!! On a good note .. all I have to do is frog stitch just that section, flip it over and re-sew it .. so it’s not like it’s the whole section and lucky (yeah right) for me, it was at the edges .. holybiblebatman! twittwittwit – I am TRYING to be positive about this .. yeah right .. **grumbling .. **

I’m working on the centerpiece now .. I pulled out my green (pathetic amount that I have) and started to measure them for the Ohio Star points .. the two dark colours that I wanted to use were only 11&#189, and I needed 11&#190 – course it’s short .. soooo I’m using a light green and medium green .. I’ll use the darker green in the smaller Ohio star blocks .. will be using purple foregrounds for the sisters star blocks for the middle .. I have the Ohio Star points done and am going to start cutting the sisters blocks just after I post this or find something else to stall with 😀

On a GOOD note, I did get my kitty quilt basted and it did take less time that I actually thought to finish it .. cat hork not withstanding .. I was invaded by my dad .. (yup AGAIN – well it didn’t turn into a visit, more like a drive by and he did bring milk :D) while I was basting it and he was looking at it and oh that’s pretty .. I’m like … pretty?? (@@) .. thanx .. (dry sarcastic tone) .. he goes .. why’s it all wet .. I’m like wet??? where .. and I look .. my darling little Shadow(Pixel leaves bigger offerings) decided to leave a soggy splotch on the quilt .. I’m like .. the truth comes out on how she really feels about it .. good thing it wasn’t food or a hairball .. quick dabbing with paper towels and then a damp cloth cleaned it right up .. I think I would have rather had her chase my thimble around the house .. **sigh**

It’s a mulberry tree 😀 .. Thanx to all the ladies that sent me emails telling me what tree this is .. Thank you everyone!!

What are these berries???
I noticed the other day that there were squirrels and birds having a feast in my tree in the back yard .. and then I look closer and see .. berries ..does anyone have any idea what these are .. I thought this was the same tree that my dad had, but his doesn’t produce fruit .. then again, he scalps his every year and it just doesn’t .. I tasted it, not overly sweet nor tart .. just mild .. can you leave a comment in my blog (as that’s emailed to me) or email me directly if you have my email address – thanx .. I really do appreciate it .. I know they aren’t poisonous as the birds and squirrels don’t fall out the tree and the dogs even eating them .. crazy dog!

Now as for the dog .. I’m going to tie her tail to her whiskers she starts digging again in the backyard .. she started to go to town yesterday just under this tree, and then again this AM ..

You know .. my animals are going to look really funny with them all running around with their whiskers and tails tied together .. and yes even Pix ..


5 thoughts on “Underground RR revisited, berries

  1. It’s a Mulberry bush/tree… we had one in California, was supposed to be a fruitless..but we loved the berries. Enjoy!
    Marge Campbell


  2. Wonderful Mulberrys! Great in jam or jellies…..Or WINE! Its almost as good as plum wine! Wish I was close enough to pick them!


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