I WAS almost finished …

On Saturday I was invaded by my dad .. no call no nothing .. AGAIN .. that made 5 days running .. must have been Father’s Week – not Father’s Day .. ah well .. I didn’t quite trust myself to sew, but I did cut the rest of my sections out .. good thing too .. as I was looking at the fabric i had left for the background .. i’m thinking to myself .. there is no way that’s enough .. well you know what .. it wasn’t .. i would hav been 1/8” short for the width on the final strip and i would have been short on the other piece one (you’re reading this right) ONE – 4 3/8” square for the HST .. short ONE .. i’m like .. are you bloody well kidding me!?!?!?!?!? I triple checked and yup i was short .. not a big deal, I have the brown vines which I could swap with .. well I’m wishing i had done this way all through .. all my squares were the vine fabric and then my HSTs were the chocolate brown .. it really looks NICE. Rather makes the path through the blocks pop more – but i am not going to rip the rest of them apart to do that to them .. nope – not gonna happen!

Here I was thinking I was being slick .. and I WAS rather pleased with myself too .. until I saw that I had flipped my middle squares .. I had caught it everytime up until NOW – and wouldn’t you figure .. it’s the LAST section .. bah .. I’m glad that I have an old seam ripper, but it really isn’t very good .. mine is still MIA .. I guess with all this ripping to do (3 blocks have to be totally undone – and not it’s not all together .. 3 seams away from it), I would rather use my good one .. so I’ll tear the living room apart to see is Shadow batted it under the couch or table or something .. I can only pray .. yeah i think I would rather do that then frog stitch all that – UGH .. twittwittwit ..

Ah well it will get done today .. Good thing too .. I’m getting tired of brown .. I think the next section will be the middle section that’s a sisters star in an Ohio Star ..

Seam Ripper Update

AHA .. found my seam ripper .. I had it on the table next to the couch when I was doing the english paper piecing .. Good thing .. now my frog stitch will go that much faster now 😀 😀 😀

Finally got it done .. feels GREAT to finish this part .. mind you .. i ended up flipping a 4 patch the wrong way again .. and course this was on the last block and i just said to heck with it .. I knew if I messed with it anymore, I would end up wrecking it or hating it .. so it stays .. who knows .. it might end up making the quilt??? **shrug .. never know 😉

I think that i’m going to take a wee bit of a break from this .. I’ve been wanting to work on my kitty quilt and baste it .. maybe i’ll get that done today .. and in the back of my mind … plot my next steps …


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