Yup, it was Friday the 13th

That’s not to say it was a totally horrific day .. just a challenging one .. I slept late for one, then when I got up there was a whole whack of stuff that had to be done RIGHT THEN .. I didn’t even have an uninterrupted cup of coffee all day ..

Things finally settle down a bit and I go over my math to see what i need to finish cutting for this section, then the kid wants attention :S .. Just get him calmed down then my dad stops by .. no reason .. just stopped by – when i realized there was nothing life threatening, I start to go over my math again .. then my dad leaves – 3 mins later – reg is home :\ … we walk to the store .. (which I had already been to with Kyle earlier .. )

Okay .. things settle again .. and I finally get to go over the figures again … one strip is a smidge off after all is said and done and there’s not a bloody thing I can do about it but deal with it and stretch and smidge .. which rather did turn out alright .. I can see the places – but I know they’re there ….

The actual time spent wasn’t long at all .. and if it wasn’t 3:15am – i would likely do another section .. tomorrow’s another day 😀

I figure that with the size of this quilt, I’m going to do quilt as you go .. I found 2 places that have great tutorials for them .. one is at Quilters Cache (Quilt as you Go) and another one that has no hand sewing for the back .. Quilt as you go – No hand sewing. The idea of no hand sewing really appeals to me, but with the size of this, it would be just as bad and quiltling the thing whole .. So I’ll do the quilter’s cache method for this and save the other for double size quilts and smaller.

My seam ripper is missing in action .. i think that my 10lb four legged black furry wonder is the culprit (Shadow) – these sort of antics are her specialty

But on a good note – all my cherry tomato plants have flowers on them 😀


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