The Research cat QUITS!

If I’ve not lost my mind .. I’m sure it’s a short matter of time .. i wanted to confirm that all of the blocks I am using were in existence and USED in the 1800s .. I found all of them but one .. the simplex star (or … friendship star, milkyway variation, windmill (bout 4 variations of this name). I KNOW I found it one .. on an antique quilt that someone had someWHERE .. chances are, it was at a quilt brokers or online store and it was sold ..

The blocks these ladies made were pretty elaborate and I am just stunned .. some of these were made with just needle and thread. . none of the modern conveniences we have .. least the ones that have made from the 1800s .. most utilitarian quilts I’m sure are dust .. i did run over a reference to it (this one was for the version name friendship star – but it was the same) “This is a very old pattern; definitely easy to stitch, and able to be interpreted in many different fabrics. It’s appeared in quilts for hundreds of years…I know I’ve seen it featured in some quilts said to date from the 1700s. But it was also one of those blocks (like Album or Chimney Sweep) that people made up for ‘farewell’ quilts to friends or relatives moving.”

I wish I could find this history of this block .. even showing in a quilt that is confirmed to have been made prior to 1900 – i might not touch this subject for a few days .. altho there are barns in Ohio (Clothesline of Quilts) that feature quilt blocks on them .. and this block was confirmed to have been from the 1800s “An 1885-1930 periodical identified this pattern as Simplex Star. In 1939 it was published as Lost Goslin.” Those two references along with me knowing i’ve seen it will just have to be enough .. I’ve lost my patience with this . it’s not very often that I have such issues searching for AND finding what I want ..

On anther note .. I did mention that I would put the pics of my yard 🙂 .. well today I went out with the camera and took some pics to get away from the puter ..

The bush on the right and the 3 lily plants I rescued from my plant murdering dad .. well I rescued the lilies and after I gave him whatfor for just digging them out . when he dug out the bush (Goldmound speria) he put it in a bucket and brought it here for me to keep .. heh .. mine’s thriving and flourishing .. and his is anemic .. I told him it’s because yours thinks you killed it’s brother LOLOLOL .. My lilies (well mum’s lilies actually) are going to bloom soon .. I see flower stalks coming up .. I have 2 types of flowers in there also that I started from seed – 1 type didn’t even peek it’s head out … but since it looks like a weed that is very common here, I might have actually pulled them ..

And of course my grass 🙂 .. Orion is enjoying it ..

My dwarf asters have barely grown here too .. but out of 12 4’oclocks that I planted, 5 came up and there are 4 or 5 in the front already ..


One thought on “The Research cat QUITS!

  1. Vot is a 4 o’clock.
    We do not know anything by that name in the land of Oz.
    Greetings from IQ…I came a visiting today.
    Remember my blog name is a nick name.


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