I did this to my blog ;)

Today as you can see I was busy with the look of my blog .. I was tired of the templates that blogger offers .. they have a good selection, but it’s limited .. They idea actually came to me when I saw, I think it was Cissy’s Quilts blog, and really liked it .. well i had been wanting to do play with the layout and look to make it more “ME” .. but with this that and the other thing .. plus I’m not all that conversant on xml .. but it’s a LOT like CSS so that part was okay .. just no clue on how to structure a document .. So I googled blogger templates and got a mess of hits .. well after frittering thru the results for about 2 hours I was getting frustrated .. all I wanted was a clean simple design that reflected me in some way .. cats, purple, blue, quilting, whatever .. nothing .. then I did find one that I really liked .. it was a reversed shadow of a lily – all i had to do was use their generator to change the text and colours and boom, copy and paste it .. well I generated it, previewed and copy and pasted it over .. then I get a message that it’s going to delete all my widgets .. (those are those neat lists and links that i have off to the side .. ) I’m like NO way .. so I try to alter the code .. well it didn’t like what i was doing, which was basically replacing one sidebar coding with another .. tried for a few more times and started to search again .. I was about to give up when I found this one .. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

I spent the next several hours learning to read the code so I could change it more to my tastes – bullets on the side, blockquotes standing out from regular text, the post footers more of a definitive separator between my posts, the text colour and size and the actual text itself ..

So I learned a lot today .. next attempt (when I’m sick enough of this one) is to make my own πŸ˜€

I ended up going over to my dad’s to deadhead his roses, grab the other hanger for my box planter, borrow a saw to take off a tree limb – etc etc etc etc ..

On a quilty note, I cut out the strips and hsts for the next underground rr block .. I might even sew that one up tonite .. but if I have to start .. I will have to keep going .. Pix has been taking to attacking fabric and batting pieces left ‘lying around’ .. yeah right .. he pulls the scrap batting out of the bags, and my strips for string quilts out of bags .. and pulls fabric strips off the cutting table .. I swear I’m going to tie his whiskers to tail one of these days .. crazy cat!!

During daylight I will HAVE to remember to take picks of my front flower bed, and the GRASS in my backyard as well as the planting that I have done .. You’ve all heard about it .. but not seen it πŸ˜‰ soon ..


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