One Underground Railroad Section done :)

I’m glad that I decided to work this quilt in sections .. it’s my first king size for one, and for 2 it will allow me to remember the math quirks that I trip over – Specially since I had to do new math for using FQs instead of &#189 yd measures .. This wasn’t to bad to do once I got over the fact that I didn’t have enough of the fabric I really wanted to use .. and i was lucky that I had another FQ that was complimentary to this one .. **whew**

All in all this didn’t take that long to do .. longer than I expected to do the fabric shortage, but not as long as I feared. Went rather smooth and I only had to tear apart 1 row of one block 😉 ..

That’s enough for now, I don’t want to make any serious mistakes other than sewing blocks together upside down or backwards 😉


2 thoughts on “One Underground Railroad Section done :)

  1. YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! You did it!!!!! And hopefully you’re sleeping now, you midnight poster, you. 😉 GREAT job – it looks wonderful!!!!!


  2. midnight?? check the time again lol .. more like a midnight sewist 😉 .. well maybe midnite on the west coast .. I’ll give you that



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