Oh My .. that’s not a &#189 yard, that’s an fq :\

I decided to start on the my smallest yardage for the foreground colour for the underground rr sections .. good thing, as when i went to open it up, i discovered that it wasn’t a &#189 yard, but an FQ – oh my .. but i was pretty lucky as I had another FQ that went well with this one .. good thing!!!!

I went over my math again and to see how much I could get out of the FQs .. I had an idea and thought that I would try to make it fit as best I could .. I wanted to have the middle sections of the blocks all the same fabric and then the outer 4 patches could be the other FQ .. It worked, BUT, I would be about 6 blocks short .. which actually worked out as I managed to get a pretty cool design element in with the other FQ. I had the second FQ be the outside 4 patches and also the end of one of the arms in my ‘circle’.

I’m being VERY careful as I sew these pieces together . normally i would take all the HST pieces and just zip along with them .. but I’m doing them block by block right now .. I’m ‘numb’ enough at this point that I am being SUPER careful, and I really want to preserve this design element ..

I’m back to piecing this part together .. I just wanted to take a break and share this with you ..

Oh – I KNEW that wasn’t a &#189 yard .. just blocked it out for some reason .. but I think this is going to look just GREAT!!!!


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