Changes again …

For some reason this time I wasn’t able to look at fabrics tossed willy nilly on the table and pick them out for my blocks – (which should have been my first clue) .. so here i was scanning all my fabrics in to do them in photoshop .. well i started with one colour, then decided to do the rest as I KNEW that I would just have to add more ..

Long and short of it – found some fabrics that really worked out well, but then it dawns on me .. this isn’t going to be scrappy; this was gonna look crappy!! Not enough of this or to much of that and the colours that I have just weren’t working together .. I really want to have the underground railroad in this quilt as it really shows motion and was a popular block at the time – but i’m still not sure of it .. I suppose I could use Crocket Cabin (slightly earlier period) or jacob’s ladder – there’s also buffalo ridge too .. this layout might not stay at this point either .. It could just be because i’ve used the default colours for the blocks and not used other’s that are closer to what i have available .. that green for the ohio star .. blech!! At any rate ..

I do like this one better .. I have cut down the number of railroad blocks that i’m using and that will mean that I can likely use an FQ for each section .. that’s not set in stone yet .. heh .. i have to do my math all over again :S .. **SIGH** But I trust my math now, and it’ll be a snap to get it going .. altho I do have rather have to start from scratch with block meaurements etc ..

The basket blocks just seemed to make it to busy to me as well .. plus i figure i’m going to have enough qst and hst with the other blocks .. I used simpler blocks – more simplex star, added the double X to replace the basket block (and used them so they look like an Amish Star ;)) – Kept the one block that reg loved and picked out for the quilt .. the one block he picks – I guess I had better keep it, and used more ohio stars .. that i think is a nice compliment to the center block being an Ohio star block ..

Okay i’ve been fussing with this since 11pm or so and it’s now 3:50 am .. I’m off to bed .. where did the bloody time go!?!?!?!?!


One thought on “Changes again …

  1. I LOVE this layout much better than the first one. The secondary design you created with the underground railroad blocks is interesting, and the overall effect has much more “movement” in it, IMHO :0) And good for you for getting it down in “print!” I’d have stayed up til 3:50a.m. and love what I fiddled with, but would be totally incapable of recreating it after a little sleep.

    Happy stitches!
    Bobbie in Texas


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