3 quilts done :| WOW

Here I was thought I was being slick and ready by getting bindings on the doll quilt, Seascapes, and my Spats Kitty quilt to have hand work ready so I can watch baseball or any TV. What i didn’t count on was sitting down to watch a movie and being on a stitching tear that I got it all done :S .. well that’s good as I have now have 3 quilts off my projects list, but I don’t have hand work .. well I do, those little hex coasters that I’m doing by hand – but just not in that mode last nite. Don’t get me wrong, I am sooo happy to have these little things done, but now what am I going to do when I watch tv???

This quilt is one that Joy made for me. It measures approximatly 24 x 24″ and is the cutest thing. We had been talking about sea critter quilt blocks so that inspired me for the quilting on this one. I quilted in fish, seaweed, shells and waves in this one. I originally planned to a pieced binding for this, but the idea of seams in my corners had really put me off .. (I got that with the other 2 I finished yesterday), so I dove into my stash and came up with a dark blue with purple flowers and green leaves motif fabric and it accented it just right.

This is a panel that I can’t even remember where I found it at or even if I bought it, I’ve had this in the works that long. Measures 14 x 17″. What I did with this one was use a thin low loft quilt batting and hand quilted it with pink thread. Originally this was supposed to be a gift for a friends little girl for her dolls, but we fell out of touch YEARS ago .. i didn’t really do anything special with this one, just outlined the ‘boxes’ and the borders. I did a single-fold binding on this and the binding is finished by hand. The binding and the backing are the same material; pink “stitch” lines on the diagonal, with country pastel stars with buttons sewn into the middle of them. Can’t remember where I got it from, but it does match the quilt colours almost perfectly. I think that I’m going to sell this on my website – even tho it’s small .. it is 100% cotton and hand quilted and finished .. so not sure on the price – maybe $15 – $20????

This is my first attempt at watercolour quilting .. I did this before I had any wc stash to speak of so the effect isn’t quite what I envisioned. I had kitty fabric (shock suprise) that had a cat that looked almost like my Spats!! I cut out the kitty head and appliqued it down with roses near the bottom. I first named this quilt Kitties, Bugs, n Bears Oh My, but as I was working on it, it took the name Spats Kitty Quilt in my mind .. It’s a nice memorial to him me thinks. I hand quilted this with butterflies, flowers and a cable design in the border with peach coloured thread. I used fabric that I had hand-dyed for the borders.

I almost had a serious issue with this quilt that nearly devasted me. I have kids markers that I use for quilt marking as they are all water soluable, but this quilt had been marked 8 years ago! Well yesterday my washer finally got fixed and when the guy hooked it back up, he got the hot and cold water hoses mixed up (not his fault – plumbing here is interesting to say the least), and before I realized that it was HOT water in the drum, the quilt was already soaked thru – the lines came off a bit in the first washing, but I think that can be attributed to the fact that water doesn’t come out hot instantly. I washed it 3 more times and the lines had faded a LOT, but I could still see them. What I did was soak it over nite in a bucket of cold water with an oxidizer and that seemed to fade the lines a LOT more. I ran it thru the washer one more time and while I can still see the lines, they aren’t near as bad as they were, and only in 2 or 3 spots, not the whole quilt.

You can see in the close up the kitty the lines I am talking about. Those are the worse lines in the whole quilt – just wished that it wasn’t in the spot it was ..

Ah well .. now to figure out what to do for hand work while watching tv, but before i do that .. I’m off to pick my fabrics for our civil war quilt 😀


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