Basket and sisters hearth variation test blocks

Cleaning the rest of my sewing room went MUCH quicker than I had originally anticipated 😀 – Only took about 45 mins to finish up. Amazing how wanting to get a spot to work can motivate you to do an icky task ;).

I went digging thru my scraps to find enough material to do my 2 test blocks. I needed to test these as these were originally 5 patch blocks and they didn’t translate well into 10 &#189″ finished blocks at all .. 10″, but not 10 &#189″. So I had some really wonky measurements on my HSTs.

The first one I did was the Sister’s Hearth variation .. It dawned on me AFTER I had the pieces cut out and I had started to sew, that all I needed to do to ‘test’ my HST measurements, was to cut that and measure it up on the square .. bah .. ah well ..I got it all cut out and it was the wrong size .. I placed the smaller pieces as centered as I could just to see if it would finish up to 10&#189″. I got lucky and it did finish up to that size .. then I made an adjustment .. I cut 31/8“, sewed the HST together and it was larger .. so I did a 3″ and voila! it was perfect 😉 … now if I had down the basket block first I would have known that as my HST squres there were 3” :S

I wasn’t even going to bother with the basket one, but figured better safe than sorry .. knowing me and my luck it would be off if I didn’t .. this worked out like a charm and the blocks that I had to fidge measurements and directions with are now no worries and are ready to go 😀

I’m going to work on the last border of my WC kitty wallhanging while watching the Tigers play tonite .. let’s hope they beat Oakland tonite as they sure didn’t last nite ..

Let’s go Tigers!!

I started to look at my civil war quilt again and thought that it would look much better with the other background fabric creating a ‘ring’ around the central center block(s). If i do this as opposed to what I was planning originally, I will have more than enough fabric for my oops factor. And I like the way this flows better – makes the Sisters hearth and Ohio center blocks stand out just that much more. I’m really looking forward to getting started on this .. I have my yardage by block figured out (thank God for quilt pro) and all I have to do measure my fabrics and see what goes where 🙂 .. I’m really looking forward to this and am happy to be quilting for ME again ..

So on my short term ToDo list I only have;

  • finish hand quilting the kitty wallhanging
  • binding for doll quilt
  • Michigan Left
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