menus and galleries oh MY!!!

The past few days I’ve spent debugging my website and looking for tutorials for flash galleries .. I would prefer to find one close to how I want it and alter it from there, but not having much luck .. course it would likely help to NOT do this when I’m dog tired. I want to find one that allows a description and I’ve not found that yet .. all sorts of slideshows with or without thumbnails etc .. but nothing with a quick description. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any serious flash and I would essentially have to relearn it all again .. I’m hoping that the tutorials will help jog my memory on the coding.

I also tried to do php for my website .. that way I would just have to update a database, and upload a picture and voila, it would be updated .. but i’m having issues connecting to the server to test the database .. everything seems to be working right, but I just canNOT connect to that blasted server to test – **sigh** So i gave up that idea .. altho, it will stick in the back of mind and if a solution presents itself, I’ll be sure to try it 😀

I’ve posted my ads on and there have been some decent amount of hits on them PLUS visits to my website – but alas, no emails or paypal notifications. It’ll come. Are you ready for this??? I posted kijiji ads in Windsor, London, Detroit, Saginaw and Lansing .. I check later and the ads for Detroit and Saginaw have been removed. Kijiji is supposed to be a community, free classified ads and I am not in those communities – okay .. i’m 5 mins from Detroit but 2 hours from London LOL!!!!! Go figure.

I can get the space at the Walkerville Trade Center, but wondering on the money issue for it, I was really hoping to have made enough at this last show to cover that cost, but that didn’t happen. I have to do some creative number crunching me thinks – I sent my link to the website to the owner of the trade center and this is what she had to say …

I took a look at your website. Your products are amazing. I have the perfect area that will help to display them off. I have an 8 x 10 foot section that has hardwood floors and a table with wall space that is 6′ high and two 8′ shelves. There is also a wall space that is 4′ high and 5′ in length. The area is $150.00 for a monthly rental. When you come in I will show you the area. You will fall in love with it. I figured it would be perfect for your products and it will really help you with having your own business.

bit more than the original quoted price, but this sounds almost like a double space???

Oh well, I’m off to play with coding .. i did find a flash drop down menu that I want to play with .. it’ll be very close to the one I have now, but won’t cause all the funky issues that this one appears to be doing. Once that’s done, I want to make these cute little pouch purses that Judi sent me a link too .. but am hesitant to make much more inventory as I’ve not managed to sell much of it .. it WOULD be nice to maybe finish my kitty quilt or get started on basting Kyle’s quilt .. but i’m driven to get all this website stuff done first ..


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