a tad of a success

Well today dawned with me looking outside and saying “I am so BLOODy cursed!!!” It was snowing .. sideways even .. I’m like .. are you kidding me ..

today was the day of my second show .. and this nasty weather didn’t bode well for a good turn out .. not to be daunted, I grabbed the fliers i had printed out (just did a copy of the index page of my website, got it to fit on one page with my contact information on it and printed 50 of them out in colour :D), scissors, tape, camera, ribbon, bags that were left next to my bin of inventory and packed the rest of it away and got ready to go. I did this on 3 hrs sleep .. and amazingly I’m still up .. tired as all get out .. but feeling pretty bloody good bout myself 😉

I get there and see some familiar faces in the vendors but no other quilters in the room i was in . they placed me in the gym and I had a 4 x 10′ space .. room for the table (they provided) and my tote rack that reg made for me. Get set up in record time and waited

I did make my first sale bout 2 hrs in .. sold a wallet and a coaster. I was asked about doing memory quilts, a commissioned wall hanging and do i teach .. nope – not sure bout that one at all .. while I didn’t break any records with sales – 2 wallets, coaster set and a large rice trivet – I did give out a LOT of business cards, answer a lot of questions and gave out fliers

So while I didn’t break even again .. I did learn again – this show had a LOT more people and more traffic .. and a wider sampling of the population me thinks.

What surprises me is that the totes didn’t sell and i figured that the trivets would have been a hot little item too (no pun intended) – ah well .. other vendors were saying that you just never know what ppl are going to want to buy when they come in the door .. i’m beginning to feel like the shows have a ‘garage sale’ flavour to them .. they don’t want to pay the prices or are looking for cheaper stuff .. I need to do more thinking about that – doesn’t make sense to lose money at a ‘garage sale’


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