T-Minus 12 Hours & Counting ….

I’ve spent that past 2 weeks doing my website. It went live yesterday :\ **gulp** A few friends spent some much needed time helping me debug it .. my greatest thanx to you all!1 I got some wonderful suggestions from Kristin, Judi sat for a few hours with me going over links and images .. Joy had few great suggestions and Jan told me issues with my menu, Linda also told me about issues with my menu as well .. all much needed and wanted feedback .. Thank you so much ladies.

Yesterday reg built me a stand for my totebags to be hung on .. doesn’t look the greatest, but it’s small and lightweight and cost us nothing .. we used the third leg from the audio pier for this with some scraps of laminate flooring! I’ll hang just a few totes on there at a time so it doesn’t look overwhelming and maybe some on the wall behind me along with my sign .. 😀 I’m just tickled to death to have it.

I learned a LOT at my first show .. let’s hope that that total failure sales-wise shows some profit with the lessons that i learned. I’ve gotten small tent cards and printed my logo, item name and price on it .. they will be displayed on the items or beside them. I wanted to go to the dollar store yesterday while i was doing all my other running around, but didn’t have any cash. i wanted to grab some hooks for this stand and also those plate easle type things .. so that way I can sort of stand up a few things to help attract attention to them. I’m going to start with the display style that I ended up with. i also picked up some bristol board, expanded my logo to fit width of board, then sliced my logo and printed it out – all 10 pages LOL .. just have to trim the white at one side and top or bottom and glue them to the bristol board :D.

I spent today debugging my site – My dad showed up and I suddenly remembered that I had totally forgotten to go to the bank bout 2 miles from my house) to get my float *aw crap!!!* So I decided to take the dog for a walk and walk to the bank (needed to deposit a check anyways) and see if Tim Horton’s would sell me some fives .. you know it started to rain as i left the house :S .. but i wanted to do this in daylight and of course I would have the dog with me :D.

Well the girl at tims, was going to sell me some 5s and 10s but suddenly changed her mind .. i’m like what the … and not to bloody happy either .. I WAS going to pay for my coffee with 2 loonies, but changed my mind and use a 20 instead.

Grumbling deprecations bout her parentage, off I trot to Macs on the way home .. the kid there gave me half of what he had in his drawer .. Bless Him!! What a sweetie – but he had no 10s.

So i stop at the store near my house (had already stopped on my way to the bank, and he had none), and asked about 10s – he had like 3, but told me to come back between 9 and 10 and he would give me what he could then .. I don’t need much more .. maybe 2 more 5s and 3 10s – and i’ll be good to go.

i’m ready for a nap :S Been a long time since I’ve walked 4 miles .. i just have to do my sign, triple check a few things and maybe do a few more coaster sets .. we’ll see how I feel .. i’ve not sewn in 2 weeks and I’m feeling deprived 😉 Judi sent me the cutest quickest pattern for a origami pouch and I might try to get 1 or 4 done tonite .. they are just made with a square of fabric and some cording :D. I do have to do some more work on my menu for the site – I think I need to replace it as it appears to give ppl various fits – from not laying out right to not even showing up :O .. maybe I’ll do a flash one – but i should get some text links in there for now .. we’ll have to see.


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