it’s been a while

My site is now live Qzone Quilting. It just finished uploading as i was typing out my update.

It’s been a long while since I posted here .. so much as happened in this time ..

I remember that my walking foot went KACHUNK – well that was the noise that it started to make, and it even started to dance too .. something gave way inside .. then my machines started to pull and that created problems for me too .. i got into a HUGE deep depressive funk that lasted for about 2 weeks .. course this was right after my family was so sick too .. no clue why I got into the funk, but it’s gone.

Then the day of my show arrives .. gorgeous weather .. first day like that we’ve had practically all winter – shoudl have been my first clue. This show was such a joke! i didn’t make one bloody sale – not ONE. There might have been a total of 100 ppl thru there and 75% of them were attached to the show in some shape way or form .. the rest . were friends of the club ladies that were running the show .. so they bought there stuff .. I had other vendors interested in my things, but if they didn’t make their table cost, who can blame them for not buying. Most of the vendor’s didn’t even make their tables .. bah!

But that didn’t daunt me .. rather reconfirmed some private prejudices i had relating to the ppl running the show .. and it was a qualm that I felt when I heard where it was. But that’s neither here nor there .. I set my sights upon other ventures. There is a place on Ottawa street where I can rent a shelf for $12 / month – shelf measures bout 3ft wide and 12″ deep and I could go up to the ceiling which would be about 3ft – which is really cool, but they’ve not been able to advertise and have almost shut their doors once. So i put that on the back burner until after the show this sunday ..

In the meantime, a trader’s market opened up .. or at least I became aware of it .. it’s been around for about a month or so now and they have some more upscale vendors in there .. I talked to the owner today and she said that they would only have one person selling one type of item at a time .. meaning – 1 quilter only, 1 jewelry vendor only, etc etc etc .. the price is really reasonable, and I’ve been to check it out … nice space roomy aisles .. just down the street from the other one too πŸ˜€ But this one has traffic in it. THey are open on fridays, saturday and sundays for about 8 hours each day

My back went out on me too during the time up to my show .. that was a rather painful ordeal all in itself .. lost a good 3 or 4 days there dealing with the spasms and pain .. my dad ended up kidnapping me and bringing me to ER, reg grounded me from my machines for a week after the show lol – the plan was .. to get the website up .. that went well until I splashed coffee on my keyboard and didn’t realize it .. discovered it went IN the keyboard when i lost my “c” key, shift key, shortcut keys (I really depend on them heavily for graphics and html) – do you have any idea what it feels like not to be able to type your name (@@) At any rate – i found a new keyboard while checking out the traders market πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ so i’ve been going crazy doing coding and images and whatnot to get the page live .. it’s uploading as i type this ..

Then tomorrow i will get some more paper products for my table, and get other stuff ready – i’m really hoping to make some sales this time so i can get my machines adjusted . yeah i know I can do them myself, but lack the confidence right now and there is a retired singer tech that will do them for $12.95 πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ .. works for me (!) Maybe he will look at the 248 as well and give me a quote to fix it .. boy do I miss that machine .

I think I’ve covered it all .. but sure I missed a bunch of stuff .. I’ve had some great support from my dad, reg, kyle and my friends during my dark funk time and I am blessed for having them .. thank you Joy, Kristin, Dottie, Judi, Linda Marie, Jan, Joanna … I think have everyone .. if i missed you .. you can nudge me in the comments

welp back to watching my upload go up .. the last thing I will send up will be the index page.


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