Blasted Bloody Dog!!!!

That stupid stupid dog!!! With the rain that we had overnite and today, our backyard has turned into Lake Lambie again .. it’s a mudpatch, swamp, bog, marsh .. a MESS. So the dog hadn’t been out in a bit and since it was like 10pm, I figured I could bring her out front. With her being in heat, she’s not come out front in over a week. I knew that any other male dog around here wasn’t going to be out – so safe enough right .. WRONG.

At the same time, we both see a polecat across the street, I’m like Orion don’t you dare .. NO NO NO NO NO .. GET BACK HERE .. yes I was shouting by the end and my voice had been raising. While she didn’t run headlong over there, she sure wasn’t listening to me. She wanted to say hello – Bloody twit! DAMN DOG!!!! Needless to say, she got sprayed – and this isn’t the first time. She was sprayed last july or around there – you’d think she’d learn?? What i’m more burned about than anything is that she not only didn’t listen to me, she went across the road (!)

I had my last dog for almost 20 years; we took her to the mountains, state parks etc .. not once did she get sprayed, bit, porcupined, pinched (crabs) nothing .. and what’s this twit do??? (@@)

Here I am manhandling this 70lb dog in the tub – she wasn’t happy and i sure wasn’t going to let her win .. i scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. 30 to 45 mins later, out we come .. Reg is beside himself all ticked off at her .. he wanted to toss her outside .. I’m like are you kidding me, I JUST gave her a bath .. there is NO way you are putting her in the back yard NOW!

She doesn’t smell right now .. the house STUNK / stinks tho. I had to wash all the towels, rugs, clothes i was wearing (winter coat included) – i burned 2 candles half the nite, put whole cloves and cinnamon on the stove to boil and ‘fume’. Every time i moved my head, I smelt skunk .. even in the shower I smelt skunk. Pix just looks at me sideways if I got to pet him .. It would have been nice if it was so blasted cold out so we could open the windows and air the place out. Heh .. i just might do a bit of that tomorrow. Needless to say, she’s not going on any of the furniture for a bit. She’s already off the couch until she’s out of heat. I set up a towel / padding arrangement on the swivel rocker for her, but she’s not allowed on that at the moment. we have tv trays, laundry baskets and boxes blocking the furniture when we aren’t on it.

Last time she got sprayed, we got her in the tub immediately and got lucky-ish. She had a certain air about her for a few weeks, but it was livable. I’m guessing it’s due to her type of coat. Full of natural oils that just repels this stuff .. i wish she wasn’t so bloody curious!!!

Heh .. maybe we’ll do fish again for pets instead.


2 thoughts on “Blasted Bloody Dog!!!!

  1. Grace —

    If you pour tomato juice over the dog, you will get rid of the skunk smell.

    I live in the chicago suburbs and we have skunks anyway. The guy next door was out at about 10PM one night with huge cans of tomato juice after his dog got sprayed.


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