Battle of the Meeces & Fish

Meeces .. bloody meeces .. well as you know I had quite the issue with these bloody things (!) They’d not been approved by my family or even recognized. BUT i did get a brain flash yesterday regarding them .. What I did was make them like i was making a stuffed toy – right sides together, turned inside out and fused into place .. I fused taped them for the time being along with the opening i made when i surgically removed the offending ears. I think that I’m going to leave the ears loose and just quilt them at the base – 3D tails was suggested, but with the use that this quilt is going to get, I don’t want to have to be attaching tails over and over again .. I think that I will just embroider them in place with floss.

Kyle just came home and I aked him if he wanted to see my meeces .. he likes them and says NOW they look like mice (@@). He asked me what I was going to do with the meeces – meaning new squares – nope so I should him the surgery I would be performing ;). He thought it was pretty cool and is playing with some fuse tape and some scraps at my ironing board .. but this kid doesn’t want to make a quilt.. he’s made a quilt block for a school assignment, but not on my machine .. I had a BOM from joanne that included the fabric and let him hand sew it .. he did a pretty good job and got A .. he not only had to do the quilt block, but had to explain the process to his class – he was in grade 4 at the time.

The fish gave me other issues as well – or I gave it to them .. I think that I was number reading challenged yesterday .. i thought I read 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ for the body .. It’s 2″ x 3 1/2″ and I didn’t notice until the fish were almost done .. I got the itty bitty pieces for the body and background put together and then the tails done .. so I wanted to make one up to see how it looks, as I was getting ready to put the background strip across the top i noticed that it was wayyy to short .. i’m like .. !?!?!?!? .. so i looked at the pattern 3 more times before i realized i had miscut it .. i was horrified – just sick with it all – I had not been having a good nite at all and was more than a wee bit tense – BUT it was savable .. I just sewed an extra seam down the middle, so they look like HSTs instead .. i don’t care – they are done and the right bloody size!! That’s saying a lot.

I got 4 more meeces to do .. well 3 1/2 as I showed kyle the steps I was taking on the one – then to decide putting it together ..


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