Kitty Top Done – AGAIN; appliqued Meeces – update on meeces

Regarding my meeces
Kyle walked in and asked me why I was putting hippos in my kitty quilt :\ .. I’m like .. are you kidding me!?!?!? First Reg says they look like igloos with bumps and now this .. Pix batted them around he’s so disgusted with them – Okay I get the hint!! I pulled out my pp pattern and was going to just do up the meeces from that – then I look at the picture and see that they have ears on them .. I’m like ?!?!? There’s no ears on the pattern .. so i dig out the instructions and saw that they have you premake them and put them in when you sew between 2 sections .. so here I am thinking, I can just add ears like that to these meeces .. frog out the area around the ears, snip them off, tuck the seam under and then make the ears (sew them right sides together, flip right side out), then attach them into the seam .. I would leave them ‘loose’ for now, but would quilt them down when I do the quilting 😀 😀 😀 – Any other suggestions on this????

After doing battle with squaring persnickety blocks, I am pleased with the result. Again the kitties relocated on me, but rather like this much better!

I was working on the meeces today – I was giong to try the fuse tape applique method for the meeces, but the sections are just to small to get any sort of purchase on .. the first one I tried looked like it was suffering from some form of mutantism .. soooo- needless to say, I had to toss that idea out the window. What I had to do, was hand applique. I am not a big fan it and doing 8 meeces didn’t change my mind .. maybe for larger pieces, but not for the small piece I was working with .. I’m really tempted to feed these to the kitties at this point .. Not sure if doing paper piecing would be better .. I have a whack of paper piecing patterns for meeces .. I’ll just have to see after I do the fish how I feel about them.

My Sunny Stars made it out the bag, separated into roughly 5 piles and ended back up in the bag again :S .. I do know what I’m going to do, just really didn’t feel like doing all that measuring of blocks after I had finished squaring the blocks and evening up the rows. Plus these meeces :\ I’ll get working on that soon .. might get as many as I can together and make that up into a family couch quilt. We’ll just have to see. Reg told me that his quilt is to small for him (!) I measured it against him and made sure it was okay before I put the borders on .. oh well, I’ve been wanting to try a string quilt 😉 Like I needed an excuse LOL


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