Finished Quilt / Kitties subdued .. for now

My Darling Reg wanted me to watch a movie with him last nite. With basketball season turning me into a widow, how could i say no?? Oh lordy did I want to tho LOLOLOL .. specially considering the movie .. super bad .. it was super bad alright .. blech .. but i did take advantage of watching the movie to finish reg’s quilt 😀 😀 😀 .. WOOO HOOOO it’s all done. it’s been washed, dried and labelled. One thing off my quilty to-do list GONE :).

Another thing off my list is getting those kitties in order. Those brats have been all over the map placement wise .. I’ve hesitated to post a pic of them together as it’ll likely have changed by the time you see it. My plan (after a bit today) is to stitch them together – no mind you, this will NOT stop me from ripping the whole top apart as i’ve done it before when i didn’t like the final appearance of something .. would prefer not to frog stitch all that – but it can happen LOL – it’s almost the size i wanted it .. 1/2″ short from top to bottom and I think it will be 1/2″ to 1″ short from side to side. My issue was the middle row- while i wanted space to highlight the twisted tail kitties (focal point), i didn’t want to add to much more space .. i think that there is an excellent balance in that row and another smidge of space might have overdone it .. now I can always add to the first block if I feel so compelled.

I think that i’m changing the name of this quilt to kitty puzzler as it’s like a HUGE jigsaw puzzle with no fast set way to put together.


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