Kitty Quilts / OST Sew-In

The mini kitties are done :D. These will be used as fillers in my kitty quilt puzzle. It’s taken that name in my head. One of my lists has started a month long sew-in and my first project for this is to get this top done and ready for borders. (Which I’ve still not totally decided on in my mind) These little guys are all paper pieced and measure 4×4 or 4×6. There is 4 of each size and they will be perfect for the blanks that I have. I’ll be using blank background fabric to fill in the rest of it. I was going to put yarn, fish, mice etc in there as well .. but I don’t want this to be to busy, the focal point are the kitties, not HOW many kitties I’ve crammed in there.

heh I did these all over a one day period being totall sleep deprived. Might not have been the best way to do it, but I likely made choices for these kitties I wouldn’t have if I had been functioning at full mental capacity and the result is actually pretty coo in my mind. I had finished them yesterday but was way to tired to do more than take pics of them. I’ve removed the paper and repressed them.

I’ll likely be putting the mice etc as border pieces instead .. now I had to decide – do i use kitty fabric or just other fabric .. i’m inclined to use the kitty fabric as all the fabric in every kitty is kitty fabric .. the background is the only thing that isn’t ..

I’ve updated the kitty page and all the kitties are in there .. Happy reading 🙂

My next project for the sew in will likely be finishing the binding on reg’s quilt, basting kyle’s quilt top (need to find a batting for it), starting on reg and I’s bed quilt and maybe the carolina byways quilt (both for our bed; one summer, one winter), working on hand quilting based on the TV schedule … i’m sure that more will come to me ;), I’ve got 3 squishes here waiting to be mailed out in the next 2 weeks

Didn’t get much else done today quilt wise – does doing the update for the kitty quilt count?


One thought on “Kitty Quilts / OST Sew-In

  1. Your kitties really did turn out awesome. I forgot to send you the quilt label so I was wondering if you would like me to enclose the cat fabrics I have. I told you I have had them for like 14 years and still haven’t done anything with them. So if you want them. Just hollar and they will be on their way. JoyB


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