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hpim23872As I talked about in a previous post, my friend Kristin, had asked to buy an earwarmer from me, but I refused, instead I offered to make one for her .. I sent her a few links and she opted for these earwarmers by Tara and wanted black and red to match her coat. I was going to look for variegated black and red yarn, but I do have a bit of both colours it in my stash – so I opted to use my stash instead.

What Kristin didn’t know was that I was planning on making two for her as neither of us could decide what would be the dominate colour and she mentioned that she had concerns about matching the red (I think it was red?!?).  Kristin bailed on me by saying “You decide.” LOL .. so I rather fixed her .. She got one of each.

What I really like about this pattern is that it’s tapered near the neck and isn’t to thick around the rest of it .. Tara does have 2 versions of this pattern and I did version 1 for both of these.

I did both of these in one nite basically – they took a whole 80 stitches cast on and 18 rows .. oh and the best part – CHUNKY yarn!!  With the shaping you know I didn’t knit end to end – altho I think I missed something in the shaping of the dominate red one?!?

Tara, thank you for posting this pattern – Kristin I hope these fit the bill and keep you warm enough


I rec’d an email from Kristin when she got these:

Thanks for including both – you’re so cute! 🙂 And I have to tell you that the red matches almost perfectly! How did you do that? 😉

Perfect!! Nice to know they match .. Enjoy Kristin and I hope they keep you warm!!


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