that **D**arn Cat & Sleeping Cat

20 kitty blocks done in all .. WOWOWOWOWOW .. and i’m just about done with the larger blocks. There is one more pp pattern that I want to do .. i wish I could remember where i found this one as I would LOVE to give you all the link – it’s a kitty sleeping on window ledge and her tail hanging down .. i’ll be doing that block tomorrow .. already have the fabric all picked out for her.

These boys almost gave me a run for my money .. for some reason I wasn’t reading the instructions correctly tonite. Good thing I make it a habit to re-read instructions a few times to ensure that I’ve understood them correctly!! Of course I outsmarted myself as I put the body on the top of the head where the ears go and the ears where the body goes .. this was done on my ‘problem child’ block.

I just have to share something with you .. of course it’s cat related :). I laid out my backing fabric and was going to sit on the floor and play with my kitty puzzle .. suddenly my Pix comes to life; that bloody cat decides he’s going to do the kitty prix 500 across my backing fabric and the blocks .. THEN the brat decides he’s going to attack my thread on my cone (@@) .. blasted cat .. when he was younger I would call him the Brat Prince as he would attack anything coming out of the printer .. I am pretty sure that ever assignment I handed in was christened with 2 teeth holes in the bottom corner .. Of course Shadow gets into the act too .. she comes and sits on my blocks and meows at me like “what are you playing wtih them for instead of me” CATS!! Those **D**arn CATS!!!!

I decided not to wait until later to do this block. I’m feeling a strong urge to get started on quilting reg’s quilt and I needed / wanted to get the ‘big blocks’ done for my kitty quilt before I let the layout start to gel in the back of my mind. This took me a good chunk of the morning to do as there was a lot of itty bitty fussy parts. Didn’t have to do as much ripping as on the other pp block, but I am only going to do one of these blocks ..anymore and my quilt wouldn’t look right; this block just filled the spot i was looking at just perfectly. Maureen (Mobird) Sparrow designed this block – you can get this and other of her blocks at Paper Panache


One thought on “that **D**arn Cat & Sleeping Cat

  1. You are too funny. I love the story aobut pix. I thought I was the only one turning in assignments with kitty teeth marks in them LOL
    I have seen that PP’s kitty in the window sill somewhere. Think I even have it printed off but will have to look. Have a good one and good luck with the layout.Joyb


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