Plaid cats n schedules

After I finished the 3 blocks above, i quickly cut out and sewed up these next too. These are plaid cats from the Cat’s Meow again. I did sew the shoulders on backwards, thank God I didn’t do the trim first like I always do. The one thing that Janet Kime does in this book that drives me more than a little bug is use the ‘draw a line from corner to corner and sew on this line for your HST’. I really do not like that method, i would rather just cut it and get it over with .. so I cut them first and then sew them on. This time I didn’t and i’m sooo glad otherwise I would have been cutting more ..

I’ll update the kitty quilt page later today .. I’m just to tired right now and I have to fix oen of the uniform shorts for Reg’s Bball team .. kids!!

Watched football and ended up falling asleep during the Giants packers game .. my sleep is so messed up right now .. matter of fact, after being up over 24 hrs, i only slept 5 😐 Was up at 2am wide-eyed and busy tailed .. well i’m feelng sleepy now, so will post this super quick and try to get some rest BEFORE the kid gets up and wakes everyone up. But while watching the game, I did do some handquilting on my WC kitty wall hanging.


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