cats n quilts n cuts

I’m not sure what was going on with these sampler cats, but I had a heck of a time with them .. it might have been the cutting last nite .. I was prolly wayyyy to tired to be cutting them. But cut them I did. I am going to scrap the one that is really bad – then again .. these were intended to be ‘framed’ with the background fabric as they aren’t 8×8″. I do know what I’m doing with all the ooboo blocks tho. I’m going to make a quilt sammich for Pix .. maybe he’ll stay off reg’s quilt until I get it done. He’s taken permanent residence on it and only leaving to drink, eat, use the box or curl up with me on the couch .. even then, it’s not as much as before .. I sure hope this baby of mine isn’t slowing down to much. He’s only 9 and an indoor cat and pampered and spoilt for the most part.

I next did the Mom cats; quick to cut, quick to sew up; altho i ran into a glitch on the shoulders of this one (for once it wasn’t the ears!!) I needed to recut one cat and background piece of each for the 45 degrees, must have missed the edge on it – so instead of them making up in 30 minutes, took me about an hour since I tried to make them fit – and there was NO way that these were going to fit /fidge in. If I wouldn’t have had such a problem with the shoulders, I might have had another pair of cats to put up.

Ah well, they are done and will likely do plaid cats next. I am getting itchy do work on Reg’s quilt tho, so the cats might have to wait and I do need to get some more blocks done for the scrappy red swap.

I’ve been going nuts looking for my DMC floss. I’ve not seen it since my room was unpacked and stuff put into the closet. I want to use that floss to tie my grandmother’s quilt. Not likely to be wanting to work on that until I find it – it’ll just tick me off in no uncertain terms if I can’t find it. And I have looked everywhere, but where it’s at LOL


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