fabric quality / kelvie kitty

On one of my lists a current discussion has been about fabric quality .. the pros and cons of quilt shop vs joannes, walmart etc .. The responses of been somewhat predictable but also very unpredictable .. This has made me start to think about the blocks I made for a swap back in 1997 I think when I was on QB for the first time. We had a limit of blocks that we were swapping so I ended up making extra blocks so I could have a nap quilt. I don’t think that this was before my quilt class, but after and I had already met a lady and we were piecing together every other Sunday .. I remember her teaching me some fine points of triangle piecing .. Bless her!!

At any rate, 10 years later (Oh Lordy has it really been that long!?!?!?!) my swap quilt is falling apart and it’s NOT the other blocks but my own. I shudder to think that everyone else’s have fallen apart – And I talk to one of the ladies still and she’s not said a word to me about it .. so I’m hoping it’s all good … But looking at them just now, these are blocks that I made afterwards (due to hand-dyed fabric in a few of them that are falling apart .. I hadn’t started that yet.) At any rate, the discussion made me remember about purchasing some muslin that was about $1/yd cheaper .. Lord knows I won’t do that again .. this was the 35″ width fabric as well .. The blocks made with that cheaper muslin are the ones that are falling apart .. so the point in all this, you have to be careful with the fabric you select no matter where you buy .. I don’t believe that this was quilt shop material, but I know i won’t be picking up anymore 35″ muslin ..

I did finish the last of the kelvie’s kitties yesterday – it looks sooo much better. I had minimal ripping to do on this block .. I went to far on the inset seams so and needed to back up a bit .. But I’m really happy with this block and it’s going to be such a nice addition to my quilt. Currently there are 11 blocks that made for this quilt .. I’m thinking of creating an html page and linking to it for currently progress and all the blocks together .. the only way it can be seen here is block by block ..

I was thinking about touching upon motivation (or lack thereof today), but this is enough for now .. I’m going to get myself cutting and maybe have a few blocks made for my swap 😉

Oh speaking of which!! those orphan blocks!! I can use them to make window treatments for my front window!! I wanted to do a swag anyways; so this could be possible as we wanted to have red in the living room anyways .. just a thought 😉


One thought on “fabric quality / kelvie kitty

  1. Grace I am wondering if muslin in the States is what we call muslin here in Australia.

    Here it is quite fine, & I know I use it to put herbs in it, tie & plonk in some soup I’m cooking up! So what it is like the muslin you are talking about please?

    Got me wondering now.


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