Bowtie cats taking a bow

Here’s a repeat block from last week I think. It was the pattern that was making me rip my hair out .. I talked about it in scraps n claws entry.

My plan today was to make the buddy for him as i want to have 2 of each of the big cats in my quilt. I printed out the templates again and started to look at them thinking “they weren’t this big the last time I printed them (!) Hmmm .. See this pattern called for printing on legal paper, and I don’t have any. But I do have Acrobat Professional (Graphic Designer and Web Designer by trade) so I could alter the pages so that they would print in an 8 1/2 x 11″ area. Now in Acrobat you can print so that the pages aren’t scaled, and I apparently forgot to check that. Sooo these templates all printed out scaled to fit on 8 1/2 x 11″ instead of just cropping the pages to print. My block ended up quite a bit smaller than was planned for. Here’s another issue that I need to remember to think about. I’m on a Mac and they print larger – they do 100dpi, where PCs do 72dip. Meaning all patterns printed on a mac will print larger unless I scale it down. Good thing that in this case it didn’t matter or else I would have had 2 blocks the wrong size.

It’s amazing the difference that that one mistake causes .. I mean .. there is a good 3″ difference between these blocks .. by my original calculations (no block size wasn’t provided – just an overall quilt size), I figured it would end up between 6 & 8″ so I wasn’t to worried about it being the wrong size”

If I wouldn’t have the success yesterday with the – well half success with the Kelvie’s Kitties, I might not have had the courage to try this block so soon. With having the templates printed out correctly and more confidence in my setin seams I forged ahead. I was still a little daunted due to the “assembly diagram” There wasn’t one .. a template placement, but nothing that denoted setin seams or the best way to assemble them. The placing around the ‘chin’ was easy, but the bottom of the bowtie was a challenge .. I didn’t have to recut the fabric for those area those, and that is saying a LOT. But I did it and I’m pretty pleased with the results .. they are a wee bit off square but nothing that can’t be worked into the top assembly or fidged while quilting


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