Challenge Reward ;)

My treat for tackling the template challenge was a straight cutting and piecing – Kittleson’s Cats were the next ones on my roster. These blocks were a SNAP to put together and I probably had them pieced in about 30 minutes total. easy to cut and easy to piece. It was such a nice respite from the template and inset seams battle. You know, the feeling I got of having that one block turn out right is indescribable .. makes the battle worth it 😉 Closeups of the two kitties Light Cat & Dark Cat

The really off block from yesterday is being redone .. I could likely square it up with a border, but the colour of the dickey just isn’t there for me. It rather blends in. templates are reprinted and waiting for me – I’m sure I can find something to do with the ooboo block .. even if it’s a kitty blanket for my cats. Not that they would use it – the would rather use my current projects to sleep on .. well actually not ‘they’, but Pix.

I have 9 keeper blocks for this quilt. The one bowtie kitty might be redone since I am better with inset seams; i do need to do one more as my design uses them 2 by twos – that and that one pp cat that drove me bug. This quilt has 24 full size blocks .. granted 4 of these were 12×12 and am not using them now, but I will find other’s to fill it .. the standard size for these blocks is 8″ or a division of such .. i’ll use little 4×4 and 4×6 pp cats to fill the spaces along with yarn, fish, mice, milk, spools etc.

  1. 2 more cats; pp? rotary? or make buddies for the pp and a template inset seam blocks I’ve already done??

    Update on the bowtie kitty I printed these out wrong the first time; pattern calls for printing on legal, but if you shift content and select print ‘crop’ it will print correctly on 81/2×11 – well I mustn’t of selected crop :S – So I get to do both of these today as well 😉

  2. blocks for red/pink/white swap .. i got a great idea from a friend on a list for another block.. (thanx Joanne)
  3. scant seam on my 248 and FW … **wonder if that will have to adjusted for thicker fabric????
  4. I want to dig up some boards to try sharon’s basting method so I can get those quilt tops going .. and before Pix won’t let me reclaim them; specially reg’s.

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