Cursed Jinxed .. hexed???

Whatever you call it .. it’s been a day and then some.

I woke up with a sinus headache today – i have a devil of time getting rid of them when I wake up with them .. and I still have it hours later .. blech


There was the issue of the 12 1/2“ blocks turned 12” .. even with following her directions perfectly it was still small .. as i was thinking out loud in an email, it dawned on me, scant 1/4“ seam .. so I measured my seam again .. yup 1/4” .. that started an email discussion on it, that almost turned into a rant on my part .. I was reminded of the 3 strip test, but you know, this seemed like an awful lot of work to find a scant 1/4“ seam when my machines do 1/4” .. I could do the effort, but why when there are so many other beautiful blocks out there that I can do 😉 .. so many blocks so little time. and if I chose to do these blocks for my own personal use, the block size won’t really matter in the long run as long as they are all consistently the same size .. but for a swap .. nope .. besides, I can always design said block in QuiltPro too 😉

Since I can’t use these in the swap, I want to share them with you .. they turned out very well and I am pleased with them .. also disappointed that I can’t use them for the swap .. I like how the really scrappy one turned out.

I was going to do paper piecing off her site next – no problem getting a 12 1/2“ block .. she has some GORGEOUS patterns and there are 3 or 50 that I definitely want to do .. I was about to print out a few patterns when it hits me .. I have a mac .. a mac prints bigger – and depending on the dpi of the original image, it can be anywhere from 1 – 3 inches .. i’m like ”are you kidding me!?!?!?!?“ This just is NOT fair! ah well .. I have Around the Block with Judy Hopkins and there are a ton of blocks in there that I can make .. what’s nice she offers these blocks with rotary cutting instructions on 6 different sizes .. one of my bibles that i use and swear by .. also one of the books I recommend to all new quilters .. and old quilters 😉 Another quilting book I live and swear by is Quilter’s Complete Guide by Fons and Porter. Okay enough of the book talk – the important thing is that I have other options with out having to jump through hoops .. am I disappointed .. you betcha .. will I live .. yup. Oodles of sites out there and i have a ton in my quilty library at home ..

Then the next ”challenge“ hits me .. my internet goes KAFLOOEY .. just upped and quit .. no clue why, did all the connection checking, machine restarting, modem restarting.. EVERYTHING .. so I call Rogers .. no problem mrs. Lambie .. we’ll get you up and running .. well first level wasn’t able to help, so off I went to 2nd level .. I got a call back from them in about 2 hours I think .. I spent the next hour or two on the phone with one guy over several phone calls .. the upshot is there is some sort of a filter on the line that runs from the pole to the house – no clue why it suddenly kicked in, but in effect, it’s blocking the signal from reaching my house. All the lines are owned by Bell Canada and Rogers uses them via sufferance (my word, not theirs). From what I was told, this is a common problem with switchers from bell .. there internet stops working after a month. Well they have scheduled a tech to come and physically remove the filter, but it’s gonna take a week .. I was like stunned … a week .. I’m going to go without the internet for a week .. i just did that, and that’s why I switched to you guys .. My next question to him .. don’t you have some sort of a dial up for your customers that have to access their email and whatnot remotely?? sure thing .. well got that up and running and for the next week (or so), I’m on dial up .. and it is NOT fun .. but I’m connected so I can’t sneeze at it too hard ..

At any rate .. not sure what the fates have planned for me next, but I’m sure it will be interesting LOL .. I’m off to iron reg’s shirts for the tourny this weekend and to make some more blocks for my swap ..


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