Scraps & Claws – Kitty Quilt

I think that this is going to drive me nuts .. This is starting to frustrate me to no end .. I’ve done 4 blocks and each block has presented a problem with numerous ripping and redoing ..

  1. The cats with the entwined tails – centerpiece of quilt – had to do the tails twice
  2. The cat with the bowtie – templates and I HATE templates!! two of them were the wrong size; and there was no assembly diagram so chances are, I put them together wrong .. that bowtie was inset seams .. BAH
  3. The log cabin kitty .. hard to see for one .. i might have done better with just two fabrics .. light and dark .. and for some reason the ear isn’t right
  4. the cat looking over her shoulder – pp – normally not a problem for me, but I had to reprint it twice (and that was a nitemare in itself – long story!!) Took me almost 4 hours to do that block!

I honestly expected to have more blocks done than I do .. granted since this is a sampler, I’m not going to be able to speed piece, and there is a lot of sew, trim, press, sew, trim, press .. but even with that factored in, this seems to be dragging .. I’ve not given up tho .. not by a bloody long shot!

What I’m going to do is work on my kitty blocks and then work on blocks for swap .. give myself a break .. this is a scrappy swap any block long as it’s 12“ and is red, pinks, white or black background .. I’ll make 6 blocks for swap and 6 for here. I’m going to use this quilt to replace the one from my ohio star swap back from 97. That poor thing is falling apart (cheap muslin i used) and I want to be able to repair it .. so that quilt will go away for the time being – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it LOL ..

Right now I’m searching out blocks for this swap .. driving myself crazy (not that I had to far to go LOL), but I can’t seem to make up my mind .. I’ll figure it out soon – Since I’m not going to know what block i’m getting, I can’t really plan for it .. so – I’m going to pick a block that will be the alternating block and will go with just about anything .. i LOVE stars … and I’ve found an oodle of them .. Just can’t make up my mind is all LOL

Back to my searching, do 2 swap blocks and another kitty block ..


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