Reg’s Quilt is a Mutant!

Reg’s quilt mutated on me again .. altho this time it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I’m not even sure I can say it mutated – more like resolved itself :D. I spent today putting the seam allowance under the logo appliques and then attached them to the quilt. The detroit Tigers logo was a pain with all those twists and turns, but it looks really good – well worth the time and the effort – Reg is impressed!! so that’s all that counts as it’s his quilt!

I redid the Pistons logo as it didn’t match what I finally did with the other 3 logos – I’m glad that I took the extra time because it looks so much better now. I do know that I will likely do all my quilt marking the same way that I did the logos. Basting spray and paper 😀 … I’ll just have to be VERY VERY careful about pins – or i could use the spray, but my last experience with it made me think twice about it.

At any rate – part of my problem with reg’s quilt is that there are so many different fabrics in it – that made it hard to decide what would be the best colours for the borders. I usually use two; a smaller one to ‘frame’ the quilt then the next one (wider) to emphasize or pull out colours in the quilt. This quilt has 9 different fabrics (actually 10 including the background) so it was quite a challenge for me that way. But I finally decided on stripped wider border of a dark red and lighter green with 9 patch blocks in the corners with the dark blue being the skinny border and the binding. I’ve got the strips half way sewn now and will finish the borders tomorrow ..

I really like how this quilt has turned out – Reg really likes it too 😀 My son is turning a nasty shade of green when he sees it, so i’m going to start one for him like this – It’ll be for his bday. The other quilt will be a winter quilt for him and this new one will be a summer quilt – He likes UofM, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Indy Colts (you know sunday is really interesting in this house ;)). His bday is at the end of June, so I’ll have the rest of the school year to work on it while he’s not here .. Thank goodness I have a closet in this room so I can stash it away when I need to.


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