Finished Quilt – "Back it Up, Sparky"

Looks like this quilt won’t mutate on me again .. altho one can never be too sure as I still have to quilt it :S. This was my first attempt at more than just strips for borders and it took me longer than it prolly should, but I so wanted to be sure that my math was right as I didn’t have to much of this fabric to spare.

I agonized over the colours for the border on this too .. I knew I needed to use the dark blue and the dark red to emphasize them in the quilt, but those two fabrics are so close in value that it would have been a blur .. so I had to pick a green at that point – but committing myself to that was nuts but then, how to make it stand out .. Good thing that I have a lot of hair; I’d be bald otherwise – i’m sure it was because i’ve not used this many colours in a quilt before and i was nervous as about it, or because this is the first project that I’ve started since i unpacked everything .. (UFOs turned WIPs don’t count) .. Reg was laughing at me because I was scared to start cutting .. he knew how happy I was that everything was finally unpacked and just chuckled at my case of nerves LOL .. silly man!

He’s not seen it totally yet, he had to leave for basketball practice before the final side was put on it .. he’s gonna LOVE it … heh .. i have our stocking holders weighing it down on our tv LOL.. that way I KNOW he won’t miss it .. altho Pixel is going nuts trying to figure out a way to get on it. Poor Pix. I’m pleased with the results of the border .. i was only 2/8″ of an inch off on each side.. one was short, the other was long ..

For the actual quilting, I’m thinking about baseballs and bats in the spaces above the D; basketballs next to the S and P, and footballs under the Lion. OR, I can do a baseball diamond surrounding the D, basketball courts with keys on the S and P and a football field with the lion on the 50 yard line .. quilting it will be the easy part me thinks .. heh ..famous last words!

Kyle keeps saying “Wow mum .. that looks really good” “Reg is really gonna like it” . ya know .. a 12 yo DS don’t look good turning a nasty shade of green .. maybe his quilt will be for easter instead of his bday .. much closer.

World, meet “Back it up, Sparky”


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