Applique Adventures

Today was my adventure-and-a-half in applique templates :|. I couldn’t (and still can’t) find my freezer paper, so was rather timid to try other venues. Remembered that I had fusible web 😀 .. did that .. and it worked .. no jams not a problem .. (that I could see at that time .. heh) .. I get the Lions logo printed then start printing all the others. The Pistons logo drove me crazy, (that one’s in 4 pieces), I realized that it didn’t look right b/c it was backwards .. with all the reversing and whatnot for the fusible web, I managed to totally turn myself around .. holybiblebatman! Needless to say, I was a wee bit ticked at myself .. it’s an honest mistake, but man .. why couldn’t i had done it with something that I had TONS of. heck no .. gotta be that. **grumbling**

Ah well .. I thrive on challenges (@@). Then I wondered if I could reuse it? YIIPPPPPEEEE that worked .. I had the ‘strange’ idea that I would be able to tear it away like the paper when you paper piece .. ya right .. you know how well that worked .. so there’s goes a 9 x 9 piece of hunter green fabric (another one I don’t have a lot of) that Reg said would be perfect. So then I think .. okay I have the Tiger’s one, why don’t I outline it and then just pull the web off later? Well that sort of worked, but the logo is so tight in some places, that it ended up under the threads and I was pulling them and stretching the fabric.

**nova goes off in head** Why don’t I use paper. Someone (sorry I misremember right now), told me that you could use the basting spray on fabric mounted on cardstock to run fabric through the printer. Well that didn’t work for me, my printer kept telling me that the paper wasn’t the right size **sigh** Then I got another idea .. use paper, just like in paper piecing. That will give me the stability I need while zigzagging the outlines of the logos, and I KNOW I can pull that off later. If there’s any stuck under the threads, they will come out in the wash. That worked! So I have the MSU logo done, and the Pistons one from earlier and am quite pleased with the MSU one .. that one will be easy to stick onto the quilttop. So all I have to do is the Tiger’s old english D and the Lions logo. So that one’s on the way. Still fussing with border ideas for this quilt – nothing seems to be speaking to me on this one .. oh i have figured out a name for this quilt – “Back it up, Sparky” Reg calls me Sparky and I did so much reverse stitching on his blocks, that it seems to fit just right 😉
OH NO I just realized that the Lion’s logo is so much smaller .. esh .. that was supposed to be printed landscaped :S .. if I have enough fabric, I’ll have to redo it .. hellasigh Actually I checked it again, and that’s the size it is. It’s because of it’s size .. it’s still 9 1/2″ long instead of high like the lettes are ..

I actually did my draft of my kitty quilt earlier today. Trying to find out how to calculate yardage for a sampler quilt. My version of QP doesn’t allow you to use different block sizes like that. Full yardage with no blocks is 2 1/8 yds, but these kitties are going to float on the background so all the kitties are going to have this as the background colour. I have 2 purples that I really like, but only a yard of each .. if I had a 1 1/2 yd, I might attempt it. I have a reproduction that is medium purple on a mauvy-cream that I can use .. it was supposed to be for my bed (when I had a double) but am hesitant to use it for this .. I really wanted to do a medium purple for this quilt. I’ll know more when I get my kittie fabrics tossed on it how it will look. Probably okay, but not quite what I wanted to do with this one.


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