Charity Attic Windows is finished!

I was right, this did take me about an hour to finish. Well technically it’s not quite finished yet; the label still needs to go on, and I need to wash it. BUT it’s finally out of the “I’ve got to get this done” pile into the “one more thing to do” pile. I’ll do the label while watching a movie with Reg. I’m so happy that I find out a home for this to go to. Myself, and 5 other ladies did the blocks wayyy back in 2000 or so – shortly after thatcircumstances, forced me to pack up my quilting stuff and let it languish in purgatory for several years before it’s recent liberation 😉

I’ve shown Reg what his quilt will look like and he was seriously impressed! He goes, it’s gonna look like that?? I said for the most part. Then I explained that my version of Quilt Pro is so old that with the new OS, it won’t accept fabric imports, so these aren’t the actual fabrics, but the tones and hues are the same. I did a paste up of little swatches and he seemed to be good with it. Didn’t even care that it was floral fabric in some cases. Just that it will be done soon. I’ll be cutting out his fabrics tonite me thinks.

After that I’ll be squaring Kyle’s blocks and reputting the top back together.

needless to say, I’ve have a couple of busy days quilt-wise and am loving it!


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